Welcome Society Refugee boards the Ocean Viking – EPN / Newscom / SIPA More than 700 migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean aboard makeshift boats were rescued during the weekend, especially off Malta and Libya, announced Sunday the NGO SOS Méditerranée. Since Saturday, six rescues were carried out in international waters, the last of which, Sunday afternoon, provided assistance to 82 people.

This operation took place just hours after the Ocean Viking as well as the boats of Sea-Watch and the German NGO ResQship came to the aid on the night of Saturday to Sunday to more than 400 people in distress in the central Mediterranean. The survivors were then distributed to the Sea-Watch3 and the Ocean Viking to receive treatment in particular. It is not yet determined in which “safe” port these people can disembark. Towards a solidarity distribution? The spokesperson in France of the High Commissioner for Refugees of the UN, Céline Schmitt, called at the beginning of July Europe to equip itself as an “emergency” with an automatic, predictable and solidarity-based distribution mechanism for rescued migrants in order to offer them the pledges of a better reception and not to leave only frontline Mediterranean border countries.

“If we look at the central Mediterranean , last year, they are less than 20. people arriving, she stressed. It is totally manageable in view of the European population and in view of the number of uprooted people in the world, which has reached 76 millions of people. ”