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McDonald’s enters the world of NFTs – RockedBuzz

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MILAN (ITALPRESS) – McDonald’s enters the world of NFTs, digital works that, through blockchain, are certified as unique. Customers who purchase the triple cheeseburger will have a chance to win one. Three artists put themselves to the test with the tablet: Serena Gianoli, who comes from the world of illustration, Daniele Tozzi who comes from graffiti and Nicola Laurora aka Nico 189, designer and illustrator. “McDonald’s has chosen to focus on NFTs – Raffaele Daloiso, Chief Marketing Officer McDonald’s Italia told Italpress – because we had a special occasion to celebrate: the relaunch of one of our historic sandwiches, the double cheeseburger and the introduction of the variant in limited edition of the triple cheeseburger. It is a historic moment, we wanted to do it with art so that it would stay. We chose the NFTs because they are the interpretation of art in a modern way. We are proud to have been the first in the sector to have grasped the potential of NFTs, investing in the talent of young artists and making it accessible to all ”, commented Raffaele Daloiso. “An experience close to the principles of accessibility and inclusion that have always characterized our brand and consistent with the values ​​of welcoming and listening to consumers”.
A common thread to the three works is a concept dear to McDonald’s, that of ‘level up’, intended as a further enhancement of taste: “Ghali has contributed with us to the development of this idea and has, together with us, contributed to the identification of the artists. He was one of the most enthusiastic ”, said Daloiso again.
Three different artists, from disparate backgrounds who interpreted the idea in their own way: “My illustration was born from the claim, old school video games immediately came to mind. In the games, in fact, you have to skip all the levels to get to the final level. There is a videogame atmosphere in the work, ”said Serena Gianoli, illustrator and graphic designer.
“I immediately thought of something iconic and very direct to interpret the concept of ‘level up’ – said Nicola Laurora aka Nico189 – a boy who listens to music and eats a mega-pan, almost hallucinating for the power of taste . I was inspired by the hip pop style, in fact the protagonist has a fisherman’s hat “.
Daniele Tozzi comes from graffiti: “I wanted to represent the ‘level up’ of the triple cheeseburger and I thought of creating my calligram (a shape made with words) with a 3D effect, often, as if it were three-dimensional. A slice of cheese like that of the triple cheeseburgher then ”, he told Italpress.
100 copies of each work have been produced for a total of 300 certified and authentic NFTs that McDonald’s has put up for grabs through a dedicated competition, valid until 5 April. Anyone can participate in the draw, just register on the McDonald’s app, buy a Triple Cheeseburger and enter the code on the receipt in the appropriate section. “The advantage of the customers – said Raffaele Daloiso, Chief Marketing Officer McDonald’s Italia – is that of receiving a work of art. NFTs is the modern interpretation of works of art and we consider it a tribute that we gladly pay to our most loyal customers “.