Matrix was right: how the saga has always been one step ahead of the times

Matrix was right: how the saga has always been one step ahead of the times

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Matrix was right: how the saga has always been one step ahead of the times

Matrix was right: how the saga has always been one step ahead of the times We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Matrix was right: how the saga has always been one step ahead of the times Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Matrix was right: how the saga has always been one step ahead of the times

” What is the Matrix “: the question continues to haunt millions of moviegoers and fans seasoned. All are waiting for the release of Matrix Resurrections (1) , the fourth part of the cult science fiction saga, to find their heroes Keanu Reeves (Neo) and Carrie-Anne Moss (Trinity).

A visionary scenario

Twenty-two years ago, the first film of this dystopia made an impression, as much by its visionary purpose as by its iconic aestheticism. Matrix has become a phenomenon. The pitch? A clash between humans and machines ruled by artificial intelligence , the former having to free themselves from the yoke of the seconds which keep their minds in a virtual reality, the famous matrix. The hacker Neo, surrounded by Trinity and Morpheus, tries to free humanity. When the movie comes out, it’s June , a few months before what computer experts call the “bug of the year 2000 ”. Boris Yeltsin is preparing to appoint a certain Vladimir Poutine as head of the Russian government, Kubrick has just died, and the trendy dream of buying a Nokia 8810, the latest in mobile phones. Cinema critics, circumspect, comments on the release of this film, which has already caused much ink to flow across the Atlantic.

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A controversial saga

Arrived on American screens in March, Matrix is accused of having ” revived the debate on the fascination of young Americans for violence ”, as the correspondent of Liberation wrote in Washington. In April, two teenagers opened fire on dozens of their peers at high school in Columbine, Colo., And the media quickly drew the connection with a scene of Matrix, where Keanu Reeves crosses an automatic gate with a heavy weaponry, before strafing his opponents. In reality, the two young assassins were inspired by Born killers, d ‘Oliver Stone (1900), but the conservative press prefers to point the finger at this film which looks like a video game , the new haunt of movie producers and worried parents.

Twenty years after the film’s release, the iconic looks of Matrix continue to inspire the fashion world.

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The whistleblower, messianic hero

“Symbolically, this film was released just before the turn of the millennium, and we had the impression that it was the synthesis of a certain number of fears or fantasies that were emerging at the time”, explains Elie During, master of conferences in philosophy at Paris-Nanterre University and co-author of the collective work Matrix, philosophical machine, published by Éditions Ellipses in 2000. Like the power of the machines that have enslaved humanity in the film and which refers to an allegory of capitalist alienation or to the inhuman world of the digital enterprise. But the most in tune with society was the political aspect, with the figure of Neo, the messianic hacker and universal whistleblower. This surge of clandestine rebellion, beyond party apparatuses and even ideologies, resonates with reality when we have seen many spontaneous movements form, not of revolution but of revolt or indignation, such as Occupy Wall Street or Podemos. »

Kung fu in Plato’s cave

In this dying millennium, this beautiful object of cyberpunk culture that mixes oriental philosophies and references to the Bible or to Baudrillard, allusions to Alice in Wonderland and theses dear to Philip K. Dick or William Gibson, by introducing for the first time “kung fu in Plato’s cave” (dixit Elie During) , seems to crystallize issues that will arise in the following century. We are already talking about the climate crisis , with the evocation of a world ravaged by humans, compared by Agent Smith to a “virus” or a ” cancer ”for the planet. “It was not the first film to portray the ravages of the ecological crisis using scenes from the apocalypse,” notes Elie During. But the main idea of ​​ Matrix is to stage people who live in absolute unconsciousness of the real state of things. It echoes the idea that we’re slowly ravaging the planet, but don’t want to see it. There is a very naïve literal staging of this denial, but it works very well graphically. »

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The first transgender siblings of Hollywood

Another thesis underpinned by the film, that of transidentity. At the time, the idea of ​​social or sexual norms was not questioned, Transgender people are invisible. We still talk about transsexuals, a word derived from “transsexualism”, a medical term that will only be withdrawn from mental illnesses by the WHO 2015. Still, Lana Wachowski and her sister Lilly – Hollywood’s first transgender siblings – who co-wrote the script and co-directed the film when their names were Larry and Andy and had yet to complete their transition, would later claim that the trilogy des Matrix already evoked this notion. “It was our original intention, but the world was not ready,” said Lilly Wachowski. But the metaphor has always been clear to trans people, and many of them have told me that these movies saved their lives. ”

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A Philosophical Toolkit

True philosophical toolbox, according to Elie During, Matrix is transcended by d ‘breathtaking special effects, including the famous bullet time with its characters that seem evolve in slow motion. And by his singular characters, the charismatic Morpheus, the indecisive Neo or the powerful Trinity. The latter having inspired in to the American journalist Tasha Robinson an article evoking the “Trinity Syndrome” that would hit action movie heroines . These, presented as efficient and competent, would be reduced to the function of the right arm of the male hero. In the manner of Trinity, whose final role is limited to playing the frozen lovers who brings Neo back to life.

The challenges of artificial intelligence

If Matrix fails, according to Tasha Robinson, to be a feminist film, it already popularized at the time concepts specific to science fiction literature, such as “metaverse”, these virtual 3D meta-universes, dear to 1780767 Mark Zuckerberg , which wants to make it its new commercial argument for Meta, the former Facebook. “Zuckerberg’s ambition remains a challenge,” comments Julien Pequignot, lecturer in information and communication sciences at the University of Franche-Comté and author of The metaverse, devices, uses and representations (L’Harmattan, 2015). Because there is an industrial problem with respect to its economic model: to access 3D worlds, the technical device is too heavy and the ecological impact of the servers, enormous. ” Anyway, Matrix always has one, or even three, a step ahead of the challenges posed by artificial intelligence to humanity.

(1) Matrix Resurrections, by Lana Wachowski, with Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss… Released 22 December.