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Mass accident on the M1: insurance companies help with an advance payment

News about the mass disaster spread in the press on Monday since the issue of liability may not be established, it is easy for the insurance company to pay only for those vehicles that also had Casco insurance.

On the other hand, the domestic insurance community has already agreed on the management of disasters like Saturday’s ten years ago, and today it activated its relevant mass claims regulation.

According to this, the insurers do not wait for the end of the official police investigations or the clarification of the question of responsibility, but instead start the compensation for the sake of the customers.

In the mass disaster affected victims can report their claims to their own vehicle insurers or to MABISZ. All this is an extra service provided by domestic insurers that is different from the usual procedure, during which the speed of payment of advances without title depends on when the necessary police certificates are received by the insurance companies. According to the regulations for the settlement of mass damage, if as a result of the final investigations, a legally binding decision establishes full or partial responsibility for the damage, a subsequent settlement may become necessary, the announcement says.

Cover image: Shutterstock