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Marietta Sabatini the housekeeper cook of Pellegrino Artusi

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If it is true that behind every great man there is a great woman, the same happens in the kitchen. In other words, often behind a chef, perhaps starred or gourmet, there is an inspiring muse. Most of the time it is in the family, it is the mother or grandmother who pass down the passion for the table from generation to generation. And with it the traditional recipes, carried forward or revisited in the menus. But there is a symbolic cook who represents a bit of all the others, those who have remained anonymous and also the chefs who are always in a clear minority compared to the male universe, in the absolute majority in extra-domestic stoves. That is: mothers generally continue to cook at home, outside the “food power”, the power of food in catering is above all in the hands and command, indeed in the orders, of men.

To pay tribute to this woman of great taste and dexterity and continue to follow in his gastronomic footsteps, in 2007 theMariette Association: “The main purpose of the association is to enhance home cooking and popular gastronomy through research, communication and training, with special attention given to Emilia-Romagna cuisine. […] He plays a fundamental role in the Casa Artusi Cooking School, collaborating in the creation of practical courses dedicated to pasta and piadina. Le mani delle Mariette are specialized teachers and know how to teach more than many words, in line with the Artusian motto: The best teacher is practice “.

The cook is also entitled to Marietta Award which will have its climax in the XXVI edition of the Festa Artusiana, scheduled in Forlimpopoli from 25 June to 3 July 2022. The administration of the Romagna municipality has already published the announcement with which it wants to pay “homage to all the Mariette of today (without distinction of sex), that is to all those who, in the very private circle of their life and their affections, practice the science of cooking and the art of eating well with love and skill “. The Prize, worth 1,000 dolars – please note – is assigned to the creation of an original recipe for a first course (fresh or dry pasta or rice) that can be carried out in a maximum time of two hours that contains references to regional domestic cuisine, to philosophy and to the work of Pellegrino Artusi, both in the ingredients and in the preparation and presentation technique. Participation is reserved exclusively for ‘amateurs’, that is to all cooking and food and wine enthusiasts who do not carry out professional activities in the sector. “The recipes must contain, in addition to the ingredients and the times and methods of preparation, explicit references to the work of Artusi (seasonality of raw materials, historical curiosities, territorial typicality). Those who want to participate can send no more than 2 recipes to Municipality of Forlimpopoli by 6 June.