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Marie Osmond Says She’s ‘Living My Most Fabulous Life Right Now’ After Taking Care Of Her Body

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Mary Osmond he knows all too well what it is like to lose and gain weightbut at 63, he feels better than ever.

“At this stage in my life, I can tell you that weight ages you,” the star said Digital Fox News. “It also takes away the joy of being active with your children and grandchildren. It takes away your health, even mentally. It’s not healthy for you. And when you hear the world say, ‘Love me as I am,’ I think you love yourself for be the best version of you…so that you can live your fullest and most beautiful life. That’s why I kept it up.'”

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“I would never go back to who I was,” she continued. “Never. I could never have done everything I’ve done. My last album, my current album, debuted at No. 1 on Billboard. I’m 63. That’s stupid, right? … I could never have done this without the energy I have. And I just got off the tour, best fun tour I’ve ever been on. Just enjoyed Disney World with my eight grandchildren. My 23 year old says, “Mom, let’s close the park.” I could never have done it with £50 on me.”

Osmond has fluctuated over the years: In 2007, she weighed 165 pounds and a size 44, when she turned to Nutrisystem to help her slim down.

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“Growing up in entertainment, there was always body problems and yo-yo dieting and this and that,” the TV personality said. I was just at KTLA here… in Los Angeles where we did the original Donny & Marie show. I was like 15 and was talking about how I was pulled into a parking lot and at 5’5″ – I was like 103lbs – I was told I was fat. [It] it was embarrassing… That was the era of Twiggy in the 70s and you know, lollipop heads and all that.”

“[But] food is no longer my enemy. This is the biggest thing it taught me. What is full and what is emotional?… I am 63 years old and living my most fabulous life right now. I know who I am. I’ve been through the crazy stuff, the heartache, the parts where you’re on the floor saying, “I don’t know how to take my next breaths”…. It’s really nice to be in a place where – look, I don’t have a 20 year old body, but I certainly haven’t had a body for 63 years. And I believe the more you take care of yourself, the more your body takes care of you,” she continued.