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Man shot dead in Lidköping – two injured

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Published: Less than 2 hours ago

fullscreen A man was shot dead and two were lightly injured in a shooting in Lidköping on Sunday. Photographic archives. Photo: Johan Nilsson / TT

A 35-year-old man was shot dead inside a room in Lidköping. A woman and a man in an adjacent gym were slightly injured when bullets went through the wall.

Police received the alarm for a shooting shortly after 8pm on Sunday and when the police arrived at the scene, a 35-year-old man was found with severe gunshot wounds.

The man, known to the police for some time, was taken by ambulance to the hospital, but his life was not saved.

Several shots were fired and some of the bullets went through the wall of an adjacent gymnasium, lightly injuring two athletes.

– A man in his thirties received a superficial wound in his hip and a woman in his fifties was wounded in the calf, says Andreas Odén, an officer on duty in the West Police Region, at TT overnight.

The injured were plastered on the spot again and it was not necessary to take them to the hospital.

Police are looking for the masked perpetrators who were seen leaving the scene in a car shortly after the shooting. A preliminary investigation into homicide or manslaughter has been initiated, as well as reports of personal injury. The police also initiated a special incident. The crime scene is cordoned off for technical investigations.

By 03, no suspects had been arrested in the case.

– We continue to work on the case, but at the moment there is no prisoner, says Andreas Odén.

People who had moved to the area at the time of the incident are advised to contact the police.


Published: March 21, 2022 at 29.03