It has been years since Among Us was released, but it has just become famous among players in our country. One of the things people wonder about on the internet in the name of this game is Among Us using a blank name. As an editor, we made the necessary research to serve users and created a decent article on this subject. I hope you enjoy our article on Among Us making blank names.

Among Us How to Make a Blank Name?

Thank God, you don’t have to get your hands involved that much to do this. You can make Among Us blank names with a set of operations. Please do the transactions we have listed on your request properly. First, left click the Windows logo start button with the mouse.

Find the run text and enter it. In the run section that opens, write “appdata” and say run. On the screen that appears, enter the file named “LocalLow”. Click the Innersloth file and navigate to the folder named Among Us that appears. The first text in the notepad is your username, delete your username written before the comma and copy and paste the space inside the ” “ quotation marks or delete the displayed username and press the space key several times. Then save it.

Among Us What Is a Blank Name?

Blank Name Among Us

When you enter the Among Us game, you have to enter one of the virtual servers in the game to start the game, but Among Us does not allow you to progress in the game without giving your character a random name. If you want, you can use “.” As the username. You can even put it. When you appear an empty name, namely anonymous, they can only show you with your color in the in-game chat area. In addition, you can disappear more easily.

Among Us What Does a Blank Name Do?

I think people want Among Us to use a blank name to make it look aesthetic in the game. In this way, no text will appear on the characters, and maybe it will make them difficult to notice in the game. Even if the individuals we call players seem to sit idly by playing games, they are actually very intelligent strategists. Especially those who are well versed in the games they play definitely show high brain function.