Terrible accident, in Lyon, this weekend. A 36 year-old man was killed, on the night of Friday to Saturday, while wanting to return home, in the district of La Mouche (7th arrondissement).

As reported by Le Progrès, the man had lost his keys and tried to go through the facade of the building in order to enter his apartment, located on the fourth floor, by the balcony. But his window having been closed, he tried another way: a window overlooking the outbuildings, on the fifth floor.

Track accidental According to the elements of the investigation, taken up by the regional daily, it is by wanting to step over this window that he would have lost his balance and fell. “He didn’t have his keys in his possession and he was drunk. He would then have opened a window of the common areas on the fifth floor, would have gone through the facade to go down to the balcony of his home located on the floor below. It was then that he would have lost his balance before falling, ”a police source told AFP. The thirty-something did not survive his fall.

The body of the victim was discovered in the courtyard of the building, around 4 o’clock this Saturday morning. He could not be resuscitated when help arrived. The police are moving towards the accidental thesis.

This drama echoes another accident, which took place on the night of this Saturday to Sunday. This time, it is a young man of 19 years, passionate about climbing, who tried to climb on the facade of a building, in the Yonne. Also alcoholic, he fell from a balcony on the second floor. He is currently in a coma.