Low Impact Weight Loss and Tone Exercises

When we talk about losing weight , the diet is always accompanied by physical exercise . However, there are people who need to lose weight but who cannot practice certain sports routines due to damage to their joints or back. What exercises can they do?

According to the chiropractor Marcelo Barroso, low-impact sports are the ones that work best to train the body. These exercises strengthen the joints, tone the body, and increase muscle mass.

Likewise, low-impact sports are the most recommended for those who have spinal problems, are recovering from an injury or have not played sports for a long time and want to leave sedentary lifestyle behind to gain greater health.



It is one of the best exercises if you want to lose weight little by little, tone your body and, also, take care of your joints and your back. In addition, it strengthens the spine. Pilates helps to work the stretching of the muscles of the body, which helps to relax the muscles. It also teaches you to breathe better and improves body posture.



Practicing stretching exercises is vital for those who do sports regularly, as well as for those who have musculoskeletal problems or have back pain. In this sense, yoga is a discipline that puts you in shape and also balances your mind. Yoga exercises help to relax pinched nerves in the back, stretch the spine, and create more space between vertebrae.



At this point, no one doubts the benefits of a good walk. This exercise, as long as it is carried out at a fast pace (it is not worth taking a light walk), loses weight, improves cardiovascular health, has benefits on a mental level, improves self-esteem and does not damage the back. Of course, you have to wear good shoes. The expert recommends practicing this exercise for half an hour a day, as it is an excellent remedy against sedentary lifestyle.

Stationary bicycle

Stationary bicycle

According to the specialist, the stationary bike is ideal for working the muscles of the lower extremities and maintaining good physical shape without having a negative impact on the back or the joints. For this, it is essential to maintain a good position while pedaling, taking into account adjusting the different parts of the bicycle according to the needs of each person.



This sport is considered one of the most complete. Not only does it help to lose weight and tone the body, it also strengthens the ligaments, the muscles of the legs, the spine and the arms. In swimming, the back is not forced to support the weight so the spine is not pressured. In addition, the water cushions your movements, so swimming injuries are less likely. You can also practice exercises in the water, which can be more fun and more motivating for those who do not like to swim.