Low cost silver earrings: our seven favorite models -!

We have always said that are the details that make the difference and that make a look routine into something special. Both the shoes or the bags and belts and, of course, the jewelry that we wear . They are an easy and fast way to not only elevate our look but also to mark our personality.

Because in the end the jewelry that we wear (or we stop wearing, that not wearing anything is also a message) in a certain way define. Today we are going to focus on earrings, an accessory that in addition to completing our looks, frames and makes our face shine .

When choosing jewels there are two teams : those who prefer gold and the unconditional lovers of silver . In honor of the latter, today we are going to make a selection of some of our favorite silver earrings low cost (not exceeding 30 euros), with models for all occasions:

Hoops silver

A hoop earring is an essential in the jewelry box of practically all women, either for day to day or for special occasions . And this Parfois model that we find in El Corte Inglés is the perfect size so we don’t have to take them off all day. 9, 99 euros.

Sun and moon earrings

If we are looking for fun and different earrings, either for the main ones or for a second or third earring These from Singularu seem ideal to us. 29, 99 euros.

Polar Moon Spark Silver Earrings – Women’s jewelry

Zirconia earrings

If we are looking for a more delicate model to wear with outfits arranged or on special occasions these Luxenter earrings with zircons are the best. 19, 95 euros.

Lotus Earrings

This other model combines comfort and elegance , being able to be worn perfectly on a daily basis but standing out with a black dress or an updo. 19 euros.

Hoop earrings

This Singularu model is a variation of the classic hoop earrings somewhat more modern and different. 19, 99 euros.

SINGULARU ® – Maia S earrings – Women’s jewelry

Silver Climbers

Climbers are a slope that looks a lot , especially if Its design includes shiny stones ( zircons in this case) like these from Oksilver. That is why they could not be absent from the selection. 23, 99 euros.

Time Road Slopes

These other earrings are also more “arranged” than the rest and will give full prominence to our face if we wear them with an updo . 22 euros.

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Photos | El Corte Inglés, Amazon