Loto: after 27 years of playing the same numbers, she finally wins the jackpot

Reception > Conso Nicolas Sandanassamy / Capital A loyal player won 1.5 million euros in the draw for Loto of 27 last July. His persistence paid off. A loyal player won the 26 last July 1.5 million euros at Loto , after having validated his ticket at the newsagent on center, in Perthes-en-Gâtinais (Seine-et-Marne), reports

The Parisian. According to the Française des Jeux (FDJ), the lucky winner played the same numbers since 24 years ! During this draw, on 1, 3, 8, 27 , the 29 and the 6 finally brought him luck.

“We play to win, but when it happens, we do not believe it,” responded the lucky, who wishes to remain anonymous, with the FDJ. But in the commune of 2. inhabitants where the winner has validated her ticket, we are only talking about that. Everyone is trying to find out who might have won this jackpot. “I hope she’s a Perthoise”, even reacted Mayor Fabrice Larché, in the columns of the Paris daily. >> To read also – Loto: he discovers that he is a millionaire by reading the newspaper

With this tidy sum, the lucky winner hopes to soon be able to afford a nice trip, she who has never taken a plane in her life. With her 1.5 million euros won in the Loto, this player does not enter the top five of the biggest wins in the department. Le Parisien recalls that the record, 08 millions, had been earned in 2011 in Coulommiers. At the regional level, the biggest jackpot dates back to 2011. A lucky one had picked up 19 millions of euros in Sarcelles ( Val d’Oise).

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