Lockdown for unvaccinated: when and where in Italy – RB

Lockdown for unvaccinated: when and where in Italy – RB

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Lockdown for unvaccinated: when shoot and where in Italy – RB

Lockdown for unvaccinated: when and where in Italy – RB We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Lockdown for unvaccinated: when and where in Italy – RB Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Lockdown for unvaccinated: when and where in Italy – RB

No one, officially, has used the expression “lockdown for unvaccinated ” in the Government, yet this is what in many cases it is. The hard line of the Draghi Executive against the no vax, after the vaccination obligation for the over 50, has resulted in done in a tightening of the restrictions (in the yellow, orange and red area) for all those who do not have the cd. Enhanced green pass , i.e. the unvaccinated.

Rules in the orange, yellow and white zone: such as the restrictions for the unvaccinated

Currently Italy is all in yellow and white zone (with the exception of some municipalities in orange and red ), although there are some regions which could soon be assigned a higher risk range (here the updated map of territories most affected by the virus).

With the extension of the new super green pass , the Government and the Ministry of Health have issued a list – available here – with all the activities allowed with reinforced green covid certification (or issued after recovery or vaccination) and “basic” certificate (i.e. antigenic or molecular Covid test with negative result).

The people who are not vaccinated , even if they have a basic green pass (or buffer) from 10 January 2022 will not be able to:

use public or private means of transport (trains, airplanes, buses, etc.) in the white, yellow and orange areas; and the same applies to school transport, including dedicated transport, starting from 12 years of age; access either to the ski lifts in the ski areas, to accommodation facilities (such as hotels and b & b); attend gyms, swimming pools, sports clubs or wellness centers, indoors or outdoors (unless which are not rehabilitative activities); consume at the table – indoors and outdoors ‘open – of bars, restaurants, catering services in general; access to shows open to the public in theatrical halls, theme parks, stadiums, concert halls, cinemas, entertainment venues and live music and in other venues (with capacity at 100%); participate in concerts and similar events, as well as ceremonies, parties and private events (including weddings and religious rites osi);

access exhibitions or museums, conferences, festivals and similar events. Furthermore, regardless of the risk band, both in the white, yellow or orange (and red) zone, non-vaccinated persons will not be allowed to enter as visitors in health facilities , social health, residential, social welfare and hospice.

The drink at the counter of bars, pubs and restaurants outdoors and indoors – previously granted even without exhibition of certification – from 10 January 2022 will be limited to holders of a reinforced green pass only (also in this case this is a valid rule regardless of the color of the region or municipality).

Municipalities in the orange area and red: lockdown for unvaccinated also in Italy

Specific restrictions and limitations to travel for the unvaccinated finally apply in case of passage in the orange or red area of the Municipality of residence.

As in Sicily and Calabria, if a specific city were to move to a higher risk range, those who have not undergone vaccination will be required to move only in the presence of a valid reason. Specifically, if the Municipality passes into the orange zone, non-vaccinated people will not be allowed to move out of the same (nor from the region) except in case of necessity and urgency. Finally, more stringent limitations , in the red zone, where movements will be allowed only for urgencies or specific needs also within its own Municipality.

Just like in March 2020, the unvaccinated in the red zone will have to stay at home and exit only in the presence of a specific justification . Not even the result of a negative swab will allow them to derogate from the rules.