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Coronavirus, the new coronavirus bulletin of the Ministry of Health today Monday 14 March 2022 will be published on this page at around 5 pm As usual, we will follow the news as they arrive from the regions. L’latest coronavirus bulletin yesterday Sunday 13 March recorded 86 deaths and 48,886 infections on 330,028 swabs. There were 516 patients in intensive care while those hospitalized with symptoms were 8,240. The currently positive in Italy were 999,504, while those discharged or recovered 12,216,835.

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Coronavirus, today’s bulletin Monday 14 March 2022

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New cases: —-, yesterday 48,886 Swabs (antigenic and molecular): – —, 330,028 Deaths: —-, 86 Hospitalized with symptoms: —-, 8,240 Hospitalized in ICU: —- , 516 Daily admissions to intensive care: —-, 41 Currently positive: —-, 999,504 Total cases: —-, 13,373,207 Total deaths: —-, 156,868

Coronavirus: infections in the regions

In South Tyrol in the last 24 hours there have been 17 new positive cases and no deaths. There are 5,767 people in quarantine, 314 fewer than yesterday.

In the last 24 hours in Veneto there are 1,750 new infections. Covid patients hospitalized in the medical area are 769 (-3 compared to yesterday), while 61 remain in intensive care.

In Tuscany there are 1,769 new Covid positive cases (675 confirmed with molecular swab and 1,094 by rapid antigen test). Deaths in the last 24 hours are 16. Currently hospitalized patients are 681 (+14 compared to yesterday), of which 38 in intensive care (1 less than yesterday).

There are 906 new counties in Marche detected in the last 24 hours on 2,561 swabs. There are 172 people with symptoms.

In Umbria in the last 24 hours the new Covid positive cases are 795, out of 3,212 antigen tests and 609 molecular swabs. The positivity rate rises to 20.8% from 19%. The currently positive are 15,431. Ordinary hospitalizations increased to 171 (+11), 5 of which in intensive care. Two deaths.

In Basilicata there are 388 new Covid cases out of a total of 1,664 swabs (molecular and antigenic). Two deaths. The hospitalized in the ordinary wards are 89 (-2), of which 2 in intensive care.

In Puglia there are 3,346 new Covid positive patient cases out of 22,249 tests. The positivity rate goes from 18% to 15%. The deaths in the last 24 hours are 11. The currently positive are 81,410: 564 of these are hospitalized in a non-critical area and 26 in intensive care.