Little girl hairstyles

Little Girls Hairstyle: Quick hairstyles for girl!

Little Girls Hairstyle: Quick hairstyles for girl! Knowing how to choose the most suitable hairstyle for each occasion can make the difference between a boring look or a children’s outfit that will turn all eyes. Obviously, in addition to being adorable, it is important that the hairstyle is easy to wear so that the little ones at home feel comfortable and can enjoy themselves to the fullest at all times. And, of course, it must also be quick to do so that parents do not have to get too involved in preparing their daughters. To help you with this task, we propose you some beautiful hairstyles that come as a finger ring for almost any occasion and that are also very simple and quick to do.

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Stormi Travis Scott Hairstyle and Little girl

Extra List: 

1. New version of the typical ponytail

Easy hairstyle for girl New version of the typical ponytail

Traditional hairstyles never go out of fashion and, if they also have a touch of modernity, they are a success, like this ponytail published by Timelymag. It is a common ponytail made a little carelessly, which gives a certain bohemian air to the hairstyle. And to give it a more elegant look, in this case a white flower ornament was used.

2. Simulated half braid

Girls hairstyle Half simulated braid

Sometimes it doesn’t take a very complicated hairstyle for girls to look pretty. Proof of this is this half braid aside published by the magazine Ok Chicas. On this occasion, the colored rubber bands were used to give the hairstyle a more youthful appearance, although it is enough to change them into white or black rubber bands to make it the perfect look for the most formal events.

3. Mini inverted pigtails

Girl hairstyle Mini inverted pigtails

Girls with short hair can also sport pretty hairstyles, this is an example published by the Hairstyles site. These are inverted mini pigtails that have been made to one side, using thin light-colored rubber bands. It is a very simple hairstyle, but at the same time with distinguished airs that is good for going to school as well as for a more special occasion.

4. Loose hair with braids on both sides

Hairstyle for girl Loose hair with braids on both sides

When we think about braids, the image of the traditional braid usually comes to mind, but in reality it is a very versatile hairstyle as shown by this look published by the Archzine site. They are two loose braids on both sides that converge in the center where they are fastened, in this case, with a loop. Without a doubt, it is an adorable hairstyle, perfect to wear on special occasions.

5. Mini interlocking pigtails

Girl hairstyle Mini interlocking pigtails

There are many ways to wear loose hair in an original way and this is one of them. It is a very simple hairstyle that consists of interlacing mini pigtails to form a kind of network with the hair. In its most elegant version, it can be worn loose, but it can also be collected with a high ponytail for the most informal occasions.

6. Multiple mini bows

Girl hairstyle Mini multi bows

The bows are very versatile hairstyles as evidenced by this look published in the Portuguese magazine Taofeminino. In this case, we opted for multiple mini bows that come in handy for everyday wear as well as to give a more modern and youthful touch to a more formal outfit, in which case it can be adorned with small flower-shaped decorations .

7. Loose hair with braid detail

Easy hairstyle for girl Loose hair with braid detail

Braids not only help keep the hair up, they can also become a very nice “complement” to a hairstyle, as in this adorable look published by Los Peinados. It is a very simple hairstyle, but at the same time sophisticated that uses braids and floral decorations to give it a more delicate air.

8. Trio of inverted mini pigtails

Girl hairstyle Trio of mini inverted pigtails

This hairstyle published on the Manualidades y Creatividad site is perfect for wearing at a special event as well as for wearing to school. These are three inverted mini pigtails that end in a low ponytail, in this case adorned with a ribbon in the form of a bow that gives it a more elegant touch. You can also use a rubber to give it a more informal look.

9. Tie

Girl Hairstyle Bow

At first glance it may seem like a complicated hairstyle, but it is actually quite easy to do. Basically, the hairstyle is a bow that can be worn with more or less taut hair depending on the occasion. In this case, the less taut hair gives a bohemian air to the hairstyle, which comes as a finger ring to wear on special occasions.

10. Traditional bun

Easy Girl Hairstyle Traditional Bun

Traditional hairstyles like this bun featured in Ok Chicas magazine never disappoint. It is a very simple hairstyle, quick to make and comfortable to wear that is suitable for almost any occasion. In this case it is adorned with a blue bow that gives it a more classic touch, but it can be exchanged for a flower-shaped ornament or even left without any detail.