They will not age together. The farewell between Lionel Messi and FC Barcelona is heartbreaking, a real Ballon d’Or camp. “Although an agreement has been reached, it cannot be formalized due to economic and structural obstacles. Both sides deeply regret that the wishes of both the player and the club cannot come true, ”said Barça. How to say goodbye?

Life under the Covid was tough for football, the club could not do more. Even if the Argentine striker was, according to the press, ready for a “financial effort”: to divide his salary by two and play extra time for five more seasons. Last year the man with the six Golden Balloons earned 126 millions of dollars including 92 salary and 34 in partnerships and sponsorship. He crossed the billion mark in a career. Apparently, the Spanish tax authorities were not aware of everything. The star’s father, Jorge Messi, earned 20 euros per month when he was a metal worker.

Never mind, his son had already, last summer, mentioned his inclinations to look elsewhere. He is nicknamed “the flea” but in his legs he had ants. PSG? Manchester? He had finally decided to stay. Since he entered the pros at the age of sixteen, he is thirty-four, “Leo” has been the man of one club. Barcelona had financed the hormonal treatment that his growth problem required, they grew up together. The “Pulga” is at 740 goals scored. For France Football, he is “the best right winger of all time”. His strong foot is the left. It would be, it seems, the best to start the tango.

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