Liga, Mallorca-Real Madrid 0-3: Vinicius scored and Benzema scored twice

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Ancelotti does not stop after the three Champions League at PSG: Vinicius opens, closes the double by the Frenchman. Physical troubles for Rodrygo, Mendy and for Karim himself

Three flashes in the second half that are worth three points and a half mortgage on La Liga, all signed by the unstoppable Benzema-Vinicius club. So Real Madrid also passes to Mallorca 3-0 after a tight challenge in which Rodrygo loses, forced to leave prematurely supported by two members of the merengue staff for a blow, Mendy, put out of action by a muscle discomfort, and also the bomber French, out in the finale for a calf bore. The Blancos, however, closed the practice between 55 ‘and 81’, with the Brazilian and Benzema in the double roles of prompter and finalizer. Vinicius steals the spotlight in the first hour of play, then the Frenchman takes the chair by signing a brace that brings the goals scored in the last week to five, including the Champions League. Gongola Ancelotti, who now enjoys an advantage of ten points over Sevilla when there are ten days to go until the end of the Liga. Thus ended the perfect week after the 3-1 Champions on PSG.


The Italian coach has to do without Militao (blocked by a last-minute malaise), but he does not give up on two cornerstones like Casemiro and Mendy, albeit wary in view of next weekend’s Clasico. In attack, alongside the immovable Benzema and Vinicius, it is Rodrygo’s turn, awarded for his brilliant performance in the historic European comeback against PSG. Partial rest for Modric (inside only in the last half hour), but with Valverde it’s safe. Among other things, the enthusiasm of the company in the Champions League makes itself felt, prompting the Blancos to immediately attack the hosts. Mallorca, however, is anything but the classic sacrificial victim and interprets the script well without getting crushed. The people from Madrid try with Benzema, they put the opposing defense to the test with the cues of an electric Vinicius, but they hit Rico’s reflexes. Meanwhile, Garcia’s team does not give up on quick restarts and, taking advantage of the vein of Kubo, a jewel on loan from the Blancos, creates some serious thrills in Courtois. Above all, a gigantic opportunity for the former Lazio player Muriqui and a chipped pole by Maffeo, the two best occasions ever in the first half despite the clear territorial dominance of the Madrid players.


The challenge also gets nasty around half an hour, the fault of an entrataccia on Vinicius that the referee Sanchez Martinez does not sanction even with the yellow. But Ancelotti’s gang has the ability to keep their nerve and wait for the right moment to strike. As often happened in the season, 37 times out of 56, the Blancos punctually break through in the second half, thanks to the first smudge of the Majorcan defense: decisive pressure from Valverde in the 55th minute, ball to Benzema and perfect assist for Vinicius, cold and precise at face to face with Rico to put the icing on a capital proof already in the first 45 ‘. From then on it’s all downhill for the Blancos. First the inputs of Modric and Camavinga to put the game to sleep, then the penalty won by Vinicius and transformed by Benzema. Which is then repeated in the 81st minute with a perfect header for the final 3-0. The merengue party is only watered down by the pain in the left calf that forces Benzema to leave the pitch in the 85th minute: Ancelotti thinks of the Clasico and crosses his fingers.

March 14 – 11:07 pm