LG OLED 55-inch TV at an unbeatable price: offer and discount – RB

LG OLED TV from 55 inches at an incremental price: offer and discount – RB

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LG OLED TV from 55 inches at an incremental price: offer and discount – RB

LG OLED TV from 55 inches at an incremental price: offer and discount – RB We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. LG OLED TV from 55 inches at an incremental price : offer and discount – RB Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

LG OLED TV from 55 inches at an incremental price: offer and discount – RB


Among the best TVs 55 inches on the market today, the Korean manufacturer’s device is almost discounted by 40%

15 January 2022

Choosing the right TV for your living room is never an easy task. There are many factors to consider (from the distance between the “viewing point” and the screen to the brightness of the room) and the budget is not always sufficient to buy the model on which our choice fell. For this reason it LG OLED TV series A 16 from 55 inches today on offer on Amazon is one of those occasions not to be missed.

Not excessive in size, it guarantees very high video quality and smart features that make it perfect for any salon. Thanks to the webOS operating system , in fact, the South Korean manufacturer’s TV allows you to install hundreds of apps of all kinds: from the “usual” ones for accessing video and audio streaming platforms to games, passing through video conferencing apps. All at a very affordable price: the discount of 37% brings down the price of the LG OLED 55TO12 LA below the threshold of 1. 000 $ . A top offer of Amazon which, probably, will not last for many days.

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LG OLED 55 TO16 LA, features and functionality of the smart TV top

Equipped with a OLED panel from 55 latest generation inches , the LG TV gives you an unparalleled visual experience . Thanks to the self-illuminating pixels , capable of offering extreme, extreme realism color fidelity and numerous creative possibilities. Behind the panel we find the 4th generation α7 SoC which, thanks to machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms, it can independently adjust the levels of brightness, saturation and color curves to always offer the best viewing experience.

Obviously, the algorithms (thanks also to the assistance of technology Dolby Vision IQ ) adjust the settings according to the broadcast or TV program we are watching: if there is a movie on the TV, a pre-set suitable for the big screen images will be selected; if, on the other hand, we are watching the match of our favorite team, the settings will turn towards a mode more suitable for sudden changes of image. A TV capable of offering excellent performance even for gaming enthusiasts : the combination of the fourth generation α7 processor and video modes specifically designed to eliminate lag and trails gives a one-of-a-kind videogame experience.

There is no shortage of smart features: the webOS operating system allows you to install dozens of different apps, from Prime Video for TV series and streaming movies to video games. The LG ThinQ platform also allows you to choose the assistant voice that you prefer, so as to control your TV with a simple voice command: it will be possible to launch apps, control the volume or change channels without having to use the remote control.

LG OLED 55 TO16 LA on offer on Amazon, price and discount

The LG smart TV from 55 inch A 16 LA is available for sale on Amazon at almost the lowest price ever. The discount of the 37% allows you to save over 500 $ on the price list and pay it only 999, 90 EUR. Furthermore, thanks to Amazon’s installment payment, it will be possible to purchase it in 12 interest-free installments (83, 33 $ each month) . Alternatively, you can choose the “Buy now and pay in installments” mode of Cofidis, which allows you to choose between three different amortization plans (up to a total of 24 rate).

LG OLED TV 4K serie A16 da 55 pollici, smart TV per Prime Video e Netflix

LG OLED TV 4K Series A 16 from 55 inch, smart TV for Prime Video and Netflix

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