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Leaked prototypes reveal the colorful Apple accessories we’ve never had


AS WWDC approaches, we expect some last minute leaks and rumors to make us even more excited about the big event. But first, we have something that won’t appear during Monday’s keynote, or ever. According to images shared by Twitter user KosutamiApple has been making alternative versions of AirPods and iPhone accessories that have never seen the light of day.

Kosutami says Apple has made “colored” mockups of the MagSafe charging puck similar to the MacBook charging cable available in silver, space gray, and midnight, “but with more saturation.” The leaker shares an image of a Magsafe charger with a gold ring and cord to illustrate the rumor.

They also claim that Apple was once working on a “Magic Charger” that looked like a larger version of the Apple Watch magnetic charging dock that was discontinued last year. According to Kosutami, the Magic Charger would be sold in the same range of colors, presumably gold, silver, space gray and a variety of other colors.

In a follow-up report, Kosutami also shared images of the first-generation AirPods case in pink to match the rose gold iPhone 7. The report states that Apple plans to launch the first generation AirPods in “Pink, ProductRED, Purple, Black, Blonde.” The leaker claims that Apple was planning to release a purple iPhone 7, but canceled it at the last minute.