Lazio-Venice, Sarri: “Champions? If they faint in front …”

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The Biancocelesti coach: “Three months ago in a match like this we would have risked. We left too many points on the road after the Europa League matches.” Today’s captain’s homage to the one who just passed away

Maurizio Sarri is aware of how the best Lazio of the season has not been seen, but for one evening he also appreciates the simple result, which brings three heavy points. “When you face the teams fighting for salvation in the final phase of the championship it is always difficult, we were patient and good at getting them to start again shortly. We had to make the ball go faster, but we did well after the 1-0 when we could close the game. Now we are more tactically ordered, the defensive line is more protected and we defend better, gaining solidity. Three months ago in a match like this we would have risked. I’m pleased with the result, but I’m also happy with the performance, I’m sorry it ended 1-0 because there were margins. Zaccagni? contacts are rigor but simulation seems excessive to me.Knee to thigh, I’m not saying it was rigor but simulation seems too much to me.


Sarri then frames the match on Sunday prosisma. “Roma were a strong team from the beginning and in January they strengthened, they are a very high level opponent but in these games apart from them they count relatively. We have never been able to play three times a week, we have an average of 0 points. , 60 in the eight post-Europa League matches, where we left a dozen points due to our limits. Of course playing on Thursday is difficult, and in fact the Italian teams that did it did not win and it is no coincidence. But this is modern football. , who gets used to but go ahead. The Champions League? It is too far away for a credible goal. Then if someone in front faints … “.


Cover also to Ciro Immobile, new record holder as regards the goals scored with Lazio in Serie A. “It was really nice to beat Piola’s record. Today was tough, Venezia played well. But the important thing was to win. We had a small drop in the second half, but apart from small moments of tarnish this is a team that makes people have fun. It’s a tough championship and we need to be focused. Until next time we will find a Roma angry for Udine’s draw but they will be found ready. Ours is a club full of old glories and champions. Pino Wilson was a great captain and we dedicate this victory to him. I know how much the people of Lazio cared about him “.

March 14 – 11:30 pm