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Lavrov: Europe chose the path of war

As for Europe. Our foreign policy concept (simply put) says that Europe has chosen the path of war against us. Of course, regardless of this, we have to live together with them, side by side. But if this is war, we must achieve our goals. Ours are much more noble than Europeans. They want someone else’s and we want ours

Lavrov said during his visit to the base on Monday.

He accused the West of trying to “incite” the small nations against the state-creating Russian people, but he failed.

First of all, we see provocations (including those committed with a ‘sword’) that are ‘come to us’ from abroad. Second, in recent years (yes, probably since the Soviet Union), we have survived a strong genetic code. We are a united, multi-ethnic people that everyone serves in their place

he added.

He voiced his position that Russia is setting an example by doing everything to ensure that there is no injustice in the world. As he said, the Russian army is prepared for any developments in the defense of its homeland.

Cover image: The press service of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs captures Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov at the meeting of the foreign ministers of the BRICS group, which includes Brazil, Russia, India, China and the Republic of South Africa, in Cape Town on June 1, 2023. Press service of MTI/EPA/Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs