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Kwikset Home Connect 620 review: a basic block for Z-Wave users

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At first sight

Expert assessment


Two design choices and three to four finish options Based on the Z-Wave 700 chipset Rugged physical construction Backlit buttons Economical


Largely dependent on a Z-Wave smart home hub Keypad is soft buttons (versus a touchscreen) Incompatible with Ring Alarm (some other Kwikset Z-Wave locks are)

Our verdict

The Kwikset HC620 is a very affordable Z-Wave lock; but by its nature, only buyers who have Z-Wave smart home hubs will find it appealing.

Price at time of review

$116.48 for the contemporary-style model with a satin nickel finish reviewed here (and pictured above). Price depends on style and finish

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If you’ve built your smart home around the Z-Wave standard and want an affordable smart lock that’s compatible with it, the Kwikset Home Connect 620 (also known as the HC620) is a great choice. It’s built around the Z-Wave 700 chipset but is backwards compatible with most older Z-Wave smart home hubs. If you Not If you have a Z-Wave smart home system and don’t intend to buy one, you’ll want to choose a different type of smart lock.

This review is part of TechHive’s coverage of the best smart locks.

The Kwikset HC620 is available in two designs, contemporary and traditional, and in different finishes for each design: Polished Chrome, Satin Nickel and Venetian Bronze. The Contemporary model is also available in a matte black finish. Both models feature a 10-button rubber backlit numeric keypad, plus a single action button. The lock can also be opened with a physical key or a third-party app (more on that in a bit).

Kwikset Home Connect 620 is a highly affordable smart deadbolt that is compatible with most Z-Wave based smart home systems.

Kwikset offers a unique do-it-yourself re-keying system that allows you to use any existing Kwikset KW1 key with the lock. This is a great option for homeowners with Kwikset locks on several exterior doors because it eliminates the need to carry a separate key for each lock.

origin 1The traditionally styled Kwikset HC620 with a polished chrome finish. The lock pictured at the top of the page is contemporary in style with a satin nickel finish.


Kwikset are the experts when it comes to Z-Wave, and if you have a compatible smart home hub, the Z-Wave 700 chipset’s Z-Wave SmartStart feature lets you enroll a device before you even turn it on, simply by scanning the Z-Wave QR code on hardware. Unfortunately, my old Samsung SmartThings hub doesn’t support that feature (and this lock is totally incompatible with Ring Alarm systems), so I had to register it the old-fashioned way. The good news is that this process isn’t much more onerous than using SmartStart: A quick scan of the QR code via the SmartThings app got me connected in under a minute.

The Kwikset HC620 smart lock is easy to install

Before that, of course, I had to physically install the device on the door and turn it on. Kwikset’s instruction set isn’t the most accessible, but in general the process is simple and very similar to other locks. Two escutcheons enclose the door, with two bolts holding the two pieces together. From there, the electronics are connected via a cable that snakes under the door hardware and two small screws that secure the motor to the interior vent. Power is supplied by 4 AA batteries (included).

My only gripe with the physical setup was getting a clean connection between the engine and the internal vent. This was probably due to the large cable connector which must have been just below the knob. It is difficult to position this cable to keep the motor assembly flush with the door. Otherwise, the lock will not turn smoothly; in fact, it can jam. I spent most of my setup time trying to snap that cable into place just like that, and after about 10 minutes of trial and error, I finally got things working smoothly.

Programming the Kwikset HC620

origin 1As with most Z-Wave locks, the Kwikset HC620 doesn’t come with its own app. You can program PINs on the lock itself, but most other tasks will be handled by the app for whichever Z-Wave-based smart home hub you use. We tested the lock with a Samsung SmartThings hub.

Christopher Null/Foundry

When it comes to programming the Kwikset HC620, veteran Z-Wave users won’t be surprised to learn that Kwikset doesn’t provide its own app for this purpose. More often than not, smart lock buyers will use whatever software comes with their smart home hub. That said, you Candies program up to 250 unique PINs without any app, just by tapping code combinations on the padlock’s numeric keypad.

However, the block itself does not allow you to limit the use of these codes. You can’t restrict PINs based on time or date, for example, and you can’t create one-time codes. Give someone a working code and they’ll be able to unlock the lock 24/7. Additional features, such as turning off the unit’s beeper or setting the auto-lock function (with delay options ranging from 30 to 600 seconds), can also be configured via keyboard combinations.

Smart Home Hub locking capabilities vary. With the SmartThings app, for example, I’ve found a logging system to log lock and unlock operations, but there’s no data stored about using a code, key, or app. I could also create schedules, such as automatically lock the door at 10pm every night. Vivint’s smart home system has similar features and limitations, but can be programmed so that locking and unlocking the door on the HC620’s keypad automatically arms and disarms the security system, respectively.

The Kwikset HC620 smart lock is an excellent value

I’ve never encountered any problems working with the Kwikset HC620 in day-to-day use, finding it fast and responsive. It also never disconnected from my hub during testing. Kwikset’s latest Z-Wave deadbolt is also affordable, with the Polished Chrome Contemporary model selling for under $116 at press time. While some finishes cost more, you should be able to find one that fits your home’s decor.

The Kwikset HC620 is the best value Z-Wave deadbolt on the market today; it’s a great entry-level choice for smart homes that revolve around that standard.