For those looking for a Kristina Novytska Instagram Account, we share the username and profile link. We also explained why you were wondering. We are dealing with the disgusting behavior of people as if the corona was not enough in recent times when violence against women started to increase so much. We condemn all kinds of discrimination, although it is not as on the agenda as the referee calls a football player “Black man” lately. Kristina Novytska Instagram address has become very curious. You will learn the facts from our research results.

Kristina Novytska Instagram

Kristina Novytska Instagram address attracts attention from the profile of those who hear her name in the news to support her and do the late task. It is very upsetting that the names who died after the femicides are brought to the agenda. We must hear and see our women before they die. Thus, it is necessary to teach all humanity to live without losing any of our people.

Terrible execution in Muğla! He was found with handcuffs and a bag on his head

25-year-old Ukrainian national Kristina Novytska was found dead at her home in the Bodrum district of Muğla, with a plastic bag on her head. Alp Kırşan, the neighbor of the deceased woman, announced the incident on her social media account.

According to the information obtained, her mother, who could not reach 25-year-old Ukrainian national Kristina Novytska, who was living alone in a house in a site in Eskiçeşme District, called her neighbors. When neighbors could not reach the young woman, the police were informed. When the door was opened with a locksmith, the young woman was found dead, sitting on a chair, with her hands cuffed behind her back and a plastic bag on her head. During the controls made by the 112 Emergency Healthcare teams, it was determined that the young woman lost her life. It was learned that the testimony of 2 people was taken regarding the death of Novytska, who was learned to be seen on 30 December. Security cameras were taken under investigation. After the public prosecutor’s investigation, Novytska’s body was sent to the Muğla Forensic Medicine Institute to determine the exact cause of death. It is being investigated whether the incident was a suicide or a murder.


On the other hand, it was learned that the young woman was also a neighbor of the famous presenter Alp Kırşan. Kırşan said, “The body of a Russian woman was reached on our website, the prosecutor is waiting,” she shared on her Twitter account during the hours when Novystka’s lifeless body was found.

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