Kate Middleton: The Embarrassing Uncle and the Eating Disorders Nobody Talks About – RB

Kate Middleton: the embarrassing uncle and the eating disorders nobody talks about – RB

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Kate Middleton: the awkward uncle and the eating disorders nobody talks about – RB

Kate Middleton: the embarrassing uncle and the eating disorders nobody talks about – RB We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Kate Middleton: the embarrassing uncle and the eating disorders nobody talks about – RB Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Kate Middleton: the awkward uncle and the eating disorders of which nobody talks – RB

Kate Middleton, i look di 10 anni fa che indossa ancora Kate Middleton, the looks of 10 years fa who is still wearing All that glitters around is not gold Kate Middleton and her life that make us believe is a fairy tale. What do we really know about the Duchess of Cambridge beyond the official news filtered from Buckingham Palace, her fantastic dresses, glossy family photos?

Going back to her early forties years, Eva Grippa, exceptional journalist and royal watcher, former author of Elisabetta and the others. Ten women to tell the true queen (READ OUR INTERVIEW), he discovers a woman who with tenacity knew integrate into the most complicated royal family in the world, but also tame the fearsome British press. But not only that.

In his latest book, Kate. Lights and shadows of the future queen

Eva Grippa told us the background of Kate, what really happened with Meghan Markle and the relationship with Queen Elizabeth who sees William’s wife as his worthy heir .

Your new book is titled: Kate. Lights and shadows of the future queen . Can you tell us which are the lights and which are the shadows of Kate Middleton?

We have the lights in front of us every day, in the sense that Kate in this historical moment is the most popular character of the Royal Family. And for two reasons. First, the Queen is “old” and therefore is gradually stepping aside. Second, Meghan, who was the second star in this firmament, has taken off the game. There are no other candidates for the role of star.

For As for the shadows, Kate also has weaknesses and skeletons in the closet. What changes compared to the others is that he knows how to hide them very well. Not so much her, but what she has behind her, her staff and a structure that deals only with this: to show the character and not the person who like everyone has problems. Among the many, there is a questionable element of his family, Uncle Gary, brother of Carole. Another accusation that is made against her, especially during pregnancies but not only, is that she suffers from eating disorders. It has never been ascertained, but in the book I show that there is some evidence that could confirm this. And then his weak point has always been that of the family. In particular, the mother was the object of ridicule, because the English aristocracy is very snobbish but in fact the population is too. Thus, Kate’s bourgeois family on the one hand is her strength and a source of pride, but on the other hand it is a point of weakness because every criticism that is addressed to her reflects on her public image.

But the criticisms of the Middletons were not as ferocious as those directed at the family of the Markle: Do you think there was really a different treatment by the Royal Family between Kate and Meghan?

The different treatment was partly there, but due to a simple hierarchical question and not a greater sympathy for one rather than the other. A chapter of my book is dedicated to the treatment that the press has reserved for Kate and there I underline how in the first years of the relationship with William and throughout the engagement, the media were not at all kind to her, exactly as they did with Meghan. . Kate has been the subject of paparazzi chase, on a par with Lady Diana, of very nasty articles about her, her mother and her sister. And this attitude continued even in the first years of marriage, so much so that his brothers at one point “disappeared” because they were fed up with these cruel comments. What has changed since then is Kate’s increasingly important role in the Royal Family. Being the wife of the second heir to the throne means being protected. This rule was also applied during the famous quarrel between Meghan and Kate . Meghan accused Buckingham Palace of not intervening to say that it was Kate who made her cry and not vice versa. But this did not happen because it simply cannot be done, it is not possible for the wife of the second heir to the throne to be involved, not even to do justice. Kate’s image must be preserved before whoever follows her in the hierarchy. Then Kate was protected because – and this is the fundamental difference with Meghan – she always respected the rules given by the Royal Family, even when she was not yet married, when her father, Michael Middleton, spoke with Clarence House lawyers to define in agreement with them on a defense and action strategy towards the press. Meghan, on the other hand, has always wanted to do her own thing and paid the consequences, because when a plan against the media is decided, it must be shared by both sides.

Is this why Meghan didn’t make it to the Palace?

Meghan didn’t make it, but neither did Harry. They have always been too intolerant of the hierarchy, even though the Prince was born into it. He probably hoped that when he had a bright, glamorous and hugely popular woman next to him, his role would grow. But no, because, although very loved, they have always remained the number two couple. And this they could not bear.

Kate Middleton turned 40 years old on January 9th 2022: how has it changed in the 10 years lived in court?

She has certainly become more aware. The difference is that today he feels at home in Buckingham Palace and is seen when there are gala dinners and state meetings. Kate is perfectly focused on the role she has taken on herself from years and is geared towards what awaits her, becoming Princess of Wales when Charles is King and Queen when William ascends the throne. These years of marriage served her to get into character.

Does Queen Elizabeth consider you her worthy heir?

I really think so. In terms of character, it seems that the two have never been intimate. Those who know them well argue that they are two very shy people. However, in many ways they are very similar. Both have a strong sense of duty. Kate is a hard worker, she is a workaholic as the Queen. Surely Her Majesty has learned to appreciate her, since the first years of her engagement with William, because Kate has always been committed to learning and supporting the rules. Today he considers them an important resource for the Royal Family.

What do you think of the photos taken for Kate Middleton’s 40 years ?

They certainly celebrate Kate in a slightly different way than we are used to seeing her, in the sense that her strength is played out in posing as one of us. She wears the clothes of Zara, shows herself in very friendly attitudes, instead these are very formal portraits that for the first time show her as a future ruler and that retrace the tradition. They reminded me of the portrait of the Queen Mother when her husband, George VI, became King. These photos are reminiscent of the Victorian style, they are very, very formal. But behind this formality, what’s modern is Kate’s smile. In the past for photos of this type we remained serious.

A comparison between Kate and Diana?

Again, I have devoted an entire chapter to the subject. The confrontation with Diana is inevitable, just as it is inevitable to be defeated, because in the first place Diana is dead and nothing bad can be said about her, by now she has been sanctified. Second, she disappeared at the peak of her popularity, when she was doing great things humanitarianly. So it’s hard to match this model. As I tell in detail, Kate had the intelligence to avoid this confrontation right away. It was decided that she was not to be like Diana and she never wanted that either. And then the events of Lady D have taught a lot to the Monarchy that does not want to repeat the same mistakes made in the past.

Is it true that Kate mediates between William and Harry?

It always has. The Duchess has always been close friends with Harry, but when the official fiancée and then wife arrived, she stepped aside. So, surely from the beginning Kate acted as peacemaker between the two brothers, the Queen herself encouraged her to do so. But when the clash also involved her and Meghan, evidently her advice had no more effect towards Harry who took the defense of his wife. At the moment I believe that relations between them are not tense, also because there are children in the middle and a family that must maintain a minimum of unity, despite the tensions. However, that she and Meghan are friends I exclude it.

How is Kate in the role of mom?

She is a present, affectionate mother. And William is too as a father. The Prince was raised by a loving mother, Diana was obsessively physical in affection. She has always lacked the kisses and hugs that she wanted to give to her children instead. William replicated this model and so does Kate, who grew up in a family that is still very present today. The strength of the Duchess as a mother is precisely being always present with her three children. This is also confirmed to me by some parents of children who attend the same school as the Royal Baby. Kata always wants to be there, she is very discreet, very humble. She is not outgoing, she stays on her own, but she accompanies the children to school, she wants to be there at the plays, she wants to be a good mother.

Will the fourth child do it or not?

In my opinion no, because the three put it to the test, not only from a physical point of view. Then the last one, Louis, came at a difficult time, when there was the wedding of Harry and Meghan, the beginning of a new era. And then right now Kate is focused on her career and on Wi lliam that will have more and more space in the affairs of the Court. Not to mention that a fourth child would be seen as a waste of resources, four are too many.

But Queen Elizabeth also had four children

Yes, but it was another era. Among other things, the last two arrived much later, as a sort of redemption from the accusations of an anaffective mother. The first two [Carlo e Anna ndr.] were born when Elizabeth was still a Princess and when she became Queen she left them in the care of her father, which is why she was accused of being an absent mother. The other two [Andrea ed Edoardo ndr.] arrived many years later and with them she redeemed herself both personally and publicly.

There are many current Queens or Princesses of bourgeois origin. I am thinking, one of all, of Letizia of Spain: what distinguishes Kate from the others?

I often ask myself this too. Letizia is certainly very popular, but above all for its elegance, therefore it is a point of reference as a style icon. However, the Spanish monarchy is much less interesting and glamorous than the British one, if only because it has been harassed by many scandals, to the point that Juan Carlos has had to resign. So it lost credibility, then it was relaunched thanks to Letizia, because Felipe alone would not have succeeded. Kate Middleton, on the other hand, has a Monarchy behind her that continues to be more magical, also because Queen Elizabeth is still at her head.