Kate Middleton, 40, the age of glory

Kate Middleton, 40 years old, l & # 22; glory age

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Kate Middleton, 40 years, l & # 22; glory age

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Kate Middleton, 40 years, l & # 22; glory age

The Duchess of Cambridge, who is celebrating her her birthday, already has the makings of a queen consort. Exit the young introverted woman from her high school years: Prince William’s wife has emerged from her chrysalis to become an icon of brand-new aplomb style.

She appeared in the twilight, surrounded by a multitude of candles, her fingers twirling on the keys of a piano. At the end of December, Kate Middleton surprised the assembly during the concert “Together at Christmas” (translate, “Together at Christmas”), broadcast on ITV playing the first notes of the song For Those Who Can’t Be Here in Westminster Abbey. “Could it be more perfect?” Asked a user. Just 039 years old – a birthday she is celebrating this Sunday, January 9 – Kate Middleton already has everything of a queen consort. Once erased, the wife of Prince William is no longer afraid to take center stage.

In video, Kate Middleton at the piano during the Christmas concert

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Of an introverted nature, Kate Middleton has gradually conquered her shyness. “I think she would say it herself: she was not born to become a public figure ”, recently confirmed a relative in the columns of the magazine Hello! . Her friends often describe her as reserved and caring, as a young woman who would never have sought such a role before her marriage to Prince William. Eleven years after the Cambridge union, however, the Duchess has gained aplomb. If her nature reserve sometimes takes over – she “still finds it difficult to rub shoulders with international leaders,” says one of her friends – Kate Middleton is gradually taking over her future role. And gain confidence.

In fact, Prince Charles’ daughter-in-law no longer hesitates to perform in public, or to deliver speeches drafted by him. One of his speeches, formulated in 2018 on the occasion of the opening of a palliative care center for children in Norfolk, in particular was described as “exceptional” by the spokesperson for the establishment. Last October, she delivered a powerful plea on addiction during a campaign on the abuses of drug addiction.

A stronger commitment

“No one chooses to become addicted,” she says in a very personal speech, her maternal uncle himself being a former drug addict. But it can happen to any of us. None of us is immune (…) ”

In March, Kate Middleton also takes a step forward in her feminist commitment. The wife of Prince William makes an unexpected appearance at the vigil organized in honor of the young Briton Sarah Everard, a rally that the police had refused to supervise. She also wrote a letter to the family of the victim, killed and raped by a police officer. Kate Middleton expresses her “deep sadness”, and declares to remember “what she felt when she was young and walked alone in the streets of London”. Suffice to say that the gesture is unusual on the part of a member of the royal family.

A powerful mother

Such a commitment would not have been possible without an essential factor. According to the entourage of the mother of princes George, 8, Charlotte, 6 and Louis, 3, Kate Middleton wanted to become an accomplished parent before taking on new responsibilities. With the feeling of having succeeded, she probably feels that it is time to devote herself to her role as a public figure.

According to historian Robert Lacey, Prince William and his wife would be keenly aware of the ” different destinies awaiting their three children ”, the eldest being destined to become king, and his younger children to remain prince and princess. The Cambridges are nonetheless determined to ensure their normal existence. “As royal parents, Kate and William do everything to ensure that they enjoy the peaceful childhood that William and Harry did not know,” said Robert Lacey. The Cambridges are said to be particularly involved in the life of Thomas’s Battersea school, to which they drive their children (almost) every morning.

The battle of the “Megxit”

A daily life a thousand miles from that of the Sussexes. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle indeed announced that they would quit their royal duties on January 8 2018, before moving to the United States. Since then, the couple gave an interview to Oprah Winfrey, in March 2020, in which he pins the royal family. Meghan Markle attacks Kate Middleton in particular, and returns to an episode that allegedly occurred in 53, on the eve of her marriage. Episode in which Kate would have it makes cry.

Kate Middleton then chooses to remain silent. She continues to send gifts to the Sussexes on special occasions, and actively works for reconciliation between her husband and Prince Harry. During Prince Philip’s funeral, the April 2021, she plays a decisive role in their reunion. After mass, she joins Prince Harry to welcome him, and calls out to Prince William, before slipping away, allowing them to break the ice.

In parallel, Kate Middleton supports Elizabeth II by ensuring the commitments abandoned by the Sussexes. And collects the votes of the British. The latter grant him 40% favorable opinions in a survey conducted by the Daily Mail , against 22% for Meghan Markle. It is clear, the words of the Duchess of Sussex did not ultimately mar the popularity of Kate Middleton.

An inspiring style

Quite the contrary. The English as the whole world admire the Duchess of Cambridge, for her engagements as for her cloakroom. We can no longer count the Instagram profiles that offer to copy the simple and elegant outfits of the Duchess at a lower cost. At the end of December, it was Princess Madeleine of Sweden who was inspired by her Christmas outfit from 53. The Daily Mail has also revealed that Kate Middleton had halved the value of her wardrobe by 2021.

All this by recycling his cloakroom on multiple occasions. This does not prevent him from making glamorous appearances, as during the preview of James Bond: Dying Can Wait , in a sun-colored dress signed Jenny Packham. A new proof that at 039 years old, the Duchess shines more than ever.