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Kate Hudson believes her 40s are her life’s ‘best pocket’: ‘I’ve always loved jumping in the deep end’

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Although Kate Hudson he’s 43, you would never do that understand it by looking at it. The star is loved by many after playing Andie Anderson How to Lose a Boyfriend in 10 Days and Penny Lane inside Almost famousand talked about how he feels like he’s just getting started.

The blonde believes that her 40s are the “best pocket” of her life so far.

“Now I know why all my older friends in their 40s were like, ‘This is my best. This is my favorite decade so far,’” he said Byrdie. “The attention is much more from the outside than the inside, I think, which says a lot about how we’re programmed. Because the only time I think about aging is when I’m asked how I think about aging.

“Everyone wants to talk about, you know, what women are doing to their faces. Or how women do antiaging … And I love all that stuff. I love talking about what the new laser is, but it’s interesting that men don’t get the same questions. I think aging is difficult because it brings you closer to the inevitable: that we are impermanent. And the question becomes: ‘What are you looking for in life?’ What is it that makes you feel alive and excited to be part of this experience? he noticed.

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From acting to singing to focusing on her other endeavors, Hudson said she’s ready to whatever happens to her. “There are so many things I like. I really love life,” she shared. “I know that sounds a little too feisty or something.”

Per Hudson is also not afraid to take risks, which ultimately paid off. “I have always loved alone jumping deep – and sometimes it didn’t put me in the best place, but mostly it really put me on the right track,” she said.

The mom of three is even preparing to release an album. “I was like, ‘If I don’t do this, I’m going to regret it.’ And it will be because I was too scared,” she stated.

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Finally, the Hollywood star is excited about the next chapter of his life.

“People talk about joy and happiness and they ask me, ‘You seem to always be so happy’ – and you really aren’t. But I choose it. And I pick that sometimes when it’s really hard,” she said.