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Karlie Kloss defines herself as a “perfectionist and ambitious young woman”, but claims that “we can all be our own worst enemies”

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Karlie Kloss he’s keeping it real! The star was interviewed at the Fashion Scholarship Fund’s 86th annual gala in New York City on Monday, April 3, where she was candid about how she learned she doesn’t sweat the little things in life.

“We can all be our own worst enemies. I can speak from my experience as a perfectionist and an ambitious young woman,” said the 30-year-old People.

Model he recalled thinking back to “so many moments where I wish I’d been more in the moment”.

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Despite being a mother to her son, Leviwhich she shares with her husband Joshua Kushnermodel and with a thriving career, she noted that “impostor syndrome is something I can really relate to.”

As for what he would tell her younger selfKloss has some sage words of wisdom.

“Don’t get in your way. Get out of your head and make connections with your peers and industry mentors to learn from,” she shared.

The runway queen is also helping girls, as she started her own programming camp for girls aged 13-18 called Kode with Klossy. Since Kloss loves mentoring the next generation, she admitted that she is constantly evolving after being in the industry for so long.

“It’s easy to point to someone’s great accomplishments, career or life highlights. But every single day is about waking up and having the drive, focus and work ethic to do what you love and strive to be the best you can be,” he continued.

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The brunette beauty, who has made a name for herself in the fashion world, also confirmed that she’ll be on the red carpet at this one Met Gala of the Yearwhich will take place on May 1st.

“I’ll certainly be there. It’s fashion’s biggest night, so I wouldn’t miss it for the world. I can’t tell you more, but I’ll be there,” she said of the lavish affair, which she first attended in 2009.