Kang the conqueror is coming to the MCU! For every Marvel fan who has been wondering how they were ever going to top Thanos, you should be really excited!

Not only does this villain have the evil megalomaniac chops to follow the Mad Titan but he also rules over one of the most interesting cities in the Marvel canon.

Chronopolis is a rarely seen, but always memorable city that exists outside of time. It is also Kang’s domain from which he plans all of his various conqeurings.

It’s a city with a fascinating architecture that appears to be made up of buildings and styles from various different eras of history.

All of that is cool and all but it does bring us back to one big question: HOW DOES THIS FIT INTO ANT-MAN 3?!

Kang is a very exciting new threat for the MCU but it does seem a bit out of place that this larger than life villain should be introduced in the tiniest Avenger’s movie. That’s why we at CBR believe that Chronopolis has the answers to all of your questions. Ant-Man & The Wasp was a fun ride that not only set-up the final fight against Thanos but also brought the entire Pym family back from oblivion. That being said, it did live a few questions that it’s very possible Kang might hold the answers to…

So let’s not waste any time! Here’s a complete explanation of Kang’s Chronopolis and how it fits into the MCU!

Marvel recently just blew all of our

collective minds by revealing that kang

the conqueror would be in the newest


film what

how would the most cosmically confusing

marvel villain fit in with the most

down-to-earth superhero well the answer

is simple

the city of chronopolis

first things first let’s slow down and

start a segment i like to call

marvel history 101.

so kang the conqueror is this

time-traveling napoleon-style

megalomaniac who due to time travel

hijinks is actually several different

characters in the marvel universe

for this video all you really need to

know is that he’s got a time traveling

armchair and a major case of wish i

could rule all of time in space itis

he does come pretty close to ruling the

earth a few times but his real seat of

power is a little teeny tiny city called


this city like black panthers wakanda or

the inhuman city atalan is one of

marvel’s more interesting

fictional places chronopolis exists in a

place called

limbo that exists outside of time it’s

also made up of districts from various

different times across history

as you can probably figure out by now

the visual possibilities for the mcu

chronopolis are really exciting

have you ever seen a high-rise pyramid

that’s located right next to the


how about the empire state building

poking up out of the great wall of

china all these nice little touches are

100 something you might get to see when

the mcu tackles this city in glorious 3d


so the real question we have to ask now

is how will chronopolis relate to

freaking ant-man

seriously are they going to sell the

superhero whose biggest problem was a

failing security business in the last

movie showing up in a high concept city

straight out of doctor who

i just need to know where it came from

it’s got to be airtight i think the

person who has the answer to that

question is none other than the original

wasp herself

janet van dyne so

movies have a tendency to do this thing

where they hit the climax and then wrap

everything up in like five to ten

minutes with lots of hugs and smiles and

miniaturized laptop drive-in theaters

it isn’t until you start walking back to

your car before you realize wait a


where the heck did jenna van tan get

those clothes yeah that’s right

when hank pym went into the quantum

realm to find his long-lost wife he was

so overjoyed that he didn’t even realize

that she was wearing tattered robes for

some reason by the way i love that suit

now unless she just so happened to be

carrying some jedi cosplay supplies in

her suit

even just a suit with no powers this

doesn’t make much

sense nor does the fact that janet was

able to survive for that long without

any food or water

sure scott’s trip to the quantum realm

may have pushed him forward in time

several years but janet had clearly aged

so what exactly was she doing all that

time and how did she find clothes that

looked like they were right out of the

ancient one’s closet

well that answer becomes pretty obvious

when you start to consider that

chronopolis is likely located in the

quantum realm in the mcu

so it seems quite likely that janet’s

past will be the big macguffin in the

third and man movie

did she know kang was she trying to

avoid him was he trying to get a hold of

any pym particles that she might still

have on her so that he could master time


pretty sure that yes is going to be the

answer to all of those questions

team ant-man is likely going to have

another game of keep away on their hands

but instead of a miniature laboratory

they’re going to have

janet to keep away from a time traveling


scott you might want to call some of the

other avengers in on this one

anyone see an empty brown van out there

pretty sure scott and hope are going to

use some quick thinking and a little bit

of teamwork to send all kang back and

back to chronopolis before the credits


that being said it seems very unlikely

that will be the end of kang’s story

there will likely be a post-credits

teaser that will hint at more threats to

come from the conqueror in future mcu


so ant-man 3 will likely start paving

the way for king’s larger role in the

mcu as he potentially takes over

thanos’s slot as the big bed number one

as cool as that would be to see the

avengers bust up a city that wasn’t

located on earth for a change

i’m not sure that they’ll be making the

trip to chronopolis no

i think that might be a good location

for marvel’s other big team the


four while kang has largely been an

avengers threat over the years he has

tangled with reed richards and his

family of super heroic misfits over the


chronopolis would be the perfect place

to stage some high concept fantastic

four action sequences

so for my money look closely at all

those inevitable chronopolis scenes in

ant-man 3.

i wouldn’t be surprised if there was a

few easter eggs hinting at the mcu’s

bright and increasingly weird future

and there you have it folks how kang’s

city of chronopolis might fit into

ant-man 3

and the mcu as a whole what do you guys

think will happen with kang and his high


sci-fi city let us know in the comments

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