Julie Anne Genter, the New Zealand elected official who took her bike to give birth

Julie Anne Genter, the New Zealand elected official who took her bike to give birth, Parliamentarian of the Green Party in New Zealand, she went to the hospital by pedaling on Saturday 10 November, to give birth to her second child.

“Great news! At 3 a.m. 04 this morning, we welcomed the new member of our family. I really had no plans to ride a bike in full force, but that’s how it ended, ”she wrote on Instagram. Julie Anne Genter, an elected New Zealand environmentalist, announced that she had given birth to her second child on Saturday 27 November. She also revealed that she traveled by bicycle to the hospital.

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The Green Party parliamentarian said that her contractions “weren’t that painful” when she buried her bike “at 2 am”. “But they were spaced 2-3 minutes apart and were increasing in intensity when we arrived 04 minutes later,” she added. The photos published on her social networks indeed show her with a very round belly with her helmet on her head. Another still pedaling down the road. Another finally all smiles, in his opinion in the parking lot of the hospital. The chosen one confided to having given birth to a baby girl “happy and in good health”.

To listen, the podcast of the editorial staff Bis repetita This is the second child of Julie Anne Genter. Already the mother of a 3-year-old boy, she also went to the hospital by bicycle for this first birth, in 27. Then Minister for Women and associated with the Ministry of Transport, she had posted a message on her social networks just before going to give birth: “Beautiful Sunday morning for a bike ride, towards the hospital, to induce labor and finally have this baby.”