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Judy Greer wants to ‘start a movement’ to ‘move away from ageism’

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Judy Greer She may be close to 50, but she’s still looking for parts movies and television – something he hopes will continue to happen.

Indeed, the 47-year-old star wants to “start a movement” to “move away from ageism” and “pave the way for the generation after us.”

“My parents, I love them, but they didn’t tell me anything,” she said she learned everything menopause. “You don’t talk about it because it’s not happening: drugs, sex with alcohol, all that stuff. So the fact that, in my house, they didn’t talk about my period, about sex, it doesn’t surprise me at all that I never heard my mother talk about her menopause and her experience in perimenopause ”.

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The 13 going 30 alum, who is married producer Dean Johnsonis also learning to stepfather his two children.

“You kind of have all the responsibilities without any authority,” Greer said hustle. “Because at the end of the day, sometimes you’re like, ‘OK. Then don’t tell that person to do it. I’ll stay here and file my nails and not give the ass.’”

“I’m working on saying, ‘Oh, that’s interesting’ [instead of]’Here’s what you need to do now. Go do it,’” she continued to advise others. F**king, leave it! You’re 24! Do you think it’s going to get any better? This is as good as it gets!'”

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Greer was also candid about how she’s aged the physique has changed.

“My husband is 54, I think,” she said of her man, who is actually 55. “He Can do like two push-ups and change his whole body. I’m like, ‘Go fuck yourself, man.’ I have to starve for months. It basically took the entire pandemic to get to a specific point where I was like, ‘OK!’ And then about two months for it all to finish. I can train really hard and be really careful with my food and maybe not get cellulite for a while, but that’s just the way my body is.