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Joint gas purchases may be possible in the EU

At a meeting in Brussels next week, EU leaders can encourage companies to participate in the planned program, within the framework of which they would jointly purchase natural gas.

According to their statement Europe’s energy security has improved since last year, that the sources coming from Russia have become more uncertain, but the EU must start preparing for the next winter. Europe is in a better-than-expected position heading into the end of winter, after countries cut energy use, topped up gas storage and had a mild winter.

European Union countries plan to buy gas together in the coming months to fill up storage before peak winter demand hits.

“The Council (council of EU leaders) calls on all parties involved to make full use of the common procurement mechanism,” the draft reads.

The draft conclusions would also invite the Commission to make proposals “if necessary” to extend the emergency policies adopted at the height of last year’s energy crisis. The Commission plans to propose an extension of the 15 percent winter gas consumption reduction target.

The draft obtained by Reuters does not touch on more controversial energy issues, such as nuclear energy or the phase-out of cars powered by internal combustion engines.

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