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Joe Biden is in Poland

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Yesterday there were three important meetings within a few hours, all in Brussels and on the Ukrainian crisis: the leaders of the 30 NATO member countries met, who agreed on a new shipment of weapons to Ukraine, then the G7 countries and finally the European Council. All these meetings were also attended by the President of the United States Joe Biden, who today has moved east and is visiting Rzeszów, in Poland, a hundred kilometers from the border with Ukraine, where meetings with the US soldiers stationed there and with refugees from Ukraine.

Regarding the fighting, there are no big news: we continue to talk about the Russian landing ship that was moored in the port of Berdyansk and that the Ukrainian army claims to have attacked and destroyed. Meanwhile, Thursday evening there was the first exchange of prisoners between Russia and Ukraine since the beginning of the war (there are a total of twenty soldiers who have returned to their respective troops), while on Friday morning the local authorities of Mariupol said that the bombing of the city theater last week resulted in 300 deaths.