Jennifer Lopez ponytail

Jennifer Lopez: Queen of the high ponytail!

Apply Jennifer Lopez’s ponytail step by step!

Ponytail is one of the favorite hairstyles for women with long hair. It is practical, fast and requires only a rubber buckle. It can also be used with other hairstyles such as braids.

We love the ponytail hairstyle as it can be used at various occasions, going to school or work! Jennifer Lopez, one of L’Oréal Paris beauty ambassadors, also used the ponytail hairstyle at an event she attended recently. Would you like to try the high ponytail hairstyle?

How is J.Lo’s high ponytail made?

Jennifer Lopez: Queen of the high ponytail!

Creating Jennifer Lopez’s high ponytail is not difficult at all! It just needs to have long hair. If you suffer from electrifying, baby hair, you, like Puerto Rican J.Lo, can free it around your face for a bohemian look.

First step:

After washing your hair with a shampoo that will help your long hair grow strong without spilling, dry your damp hair by standing upside down. So your hair will look more voluminous. Then apply styling mousse.

Second step:

Throw your hair forward again, stand upside down and gather all your hair above your head. Secure with a rubber buckle.

Third step:

If you think the ponytail still doesn’t look bulky, you can add volume by panning and combing with a fine toothed comb.

The fourth step:

Now, apply the fixative spray to all your hair so that the volume of your hair does not fade during the day and your hair does not deteriorate!

Here you are!