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Jazmen Jafar: Never stop chasing your dreams because they will lead you to happiness

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Presented by: Nick Kasmik

“What do you want to be?” is a question we’ve all had an answer to when we were kids: doctors, astronauts, truck drivers, actors, singers, you name it. The world was our buffet and we blissfully enjoyed daydreaming about our future. However, as many of us got older, reality hit us and we started to prioritize stability and money over our dreams.

After all, you can’t live and be happy without money, right? Money is what buys happiness, isn’t it? Even though money makes life so much easier, Jazmen Jafar he knows better than anyone that chasing stability and money is not all that it appears to be.

Jazmen has spent most of his life following the status quo. Coming from an Iranian-American family that placed high academic expectations on her, Jazmen never imagined that her life would deviate from what her parents had set for her. However, Jazmen finally decided that she had to try and get things done his way and live a life conducive to one’s happiness. Jazmen is now a licensed attorney who has decided to trade his stable and comfortable job for the spotlight of the camera and has become one of social media’s favorite models and content creators.

“Sometimes, when you know only in your heart that things aren’t right, you have to take risks and let things blow up and fall into place,” she says. “Everyone thought I was crazy for deciding to do what I did, but I’ve decided to only trust myself and I’m so happy with my decision.”

Even though Jazmen has gained a lot of popularity and success through social media, her journey hasn’t been without its challenges. He has faced a series of social and cultural backlashes for his decision to express himself freely online.

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Jazmen’s background is not typical of many Instagram models and content creators. She was groomed to live a stable, long, traditional life as a lawyer. She graduated from college with full praise with a 4.0 GPA, she earned a top score on the LSAT and earned a full pass to a top law school. She went on to pass the bar exam on her first attempt and was hired at her first interview.

Despite doing everything right and being on the road to success, however, Jazmen was not happy with her life deep down. She knew that the traditional 9 to 5 office life wasn’t for her. She had known this for a long time, but she believed she had no other choice. She started asking herself: What if I could create a different path for myself? What if it’s not too late?

Jazmen took a leap of faith to chase her dreams. She had worked all her life to become a lawyer and now that she had finally achieved her goal of hers, she realized that she was chasing the dreams of her parents and those around her instead of her own. Also, she realized that what had kept her there for so long was self-doubt and fear of failure and criticism from her.

“As much as I blame other people, it was ultimately me who made the decisions I made to get where I was. I realized that if that were the case, I could make a number of new decisions to pull myself out,” says Jazmen Jafar. “I knew that if I chose my comfort, nothing would change. The only way things would change is if I chose hardship and courage. I had to take risks and not be afraid to fail. My biggest advice to others is to put aside everyone else’s expectations and opinions and focus on yourself: what do you want YOU?Once you figure it out, go do it.