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Jackie Leigh talks the downsides of Instafame

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When Andy Warhol, the most famous artist of the mass media age, said that in the future everyone would have their fifteen minutes of fame, he had no idea how close he would come to the truth. Social networks were decades away. Now that they are here, we can see that all it takes is to create the right type of content at the right time for anyone to explode into the social sphere and get their minutes in the spotlight.

The one thing that has yet to change about the nature of fame is the downsides. People who spend their time in the public eye tend to attract the wrong kind of attention from the wrong people.

Jackie LeighThe experience with the ups and downs of online fame began shortly after his online presence started gaining a following. “I didn’t expect it to start happening so soon. I always thought it starts when someone gets hundreds of thousands of followers,” she recalls. “It was pretty normal at first. People at my school wanted to take a picture with me. Then it turned into bullying.”

Jackie’s experience is what many teenagers experience as their social media presence grows: They want to protect themselves from negative energy. Her first instinct was to try to play it down.

“A lot was going on at the house at the time. My mother was having an operation as part of her cancer treatment,” says Jackie Leigh. “So, I was trying to figure out like it wasn’t a big deal, even though it was. Eventually, I couldn’t go back to school, thinking about bullying, so I decided to take my classes online.”

Since going through all of this, Jackie Leigh’s life has changed for the better. The fact that her online following grew only helped her, as she felt that he gave her the support she needed to justify any offline popularity she might experience.

Luckily for her, Jackie Leigh’s wholesome attitude towards her self-image has never led her to make obsessive comparisons with online models at times. It’s too easy for anyone creating content online to start looking at the perfect professionals with all kinds of retouching on their images and develop some sort of envy. This is another downside of being Instafamous that he doesn’t know. “I can go up and down in weight and not be too stressed about the weight fluctuating. It’s perfectly normal,” she explains.

As for the downsides of the online fame she’s experienced, they haven’t moved her an inch from the path she’s chosen for herself.

“It’s just made me more determined and motivated to do what I do,” she says. “I’m a quiet person, but I don’t lack confidence. Sure, people will talk, people will get jealous and people won’t understand. But that’s fine with me, I just want to keep doing what brings me joy, creating content. “