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It’s official: NFL Sunday Ticket is coming to YouTube in 2023

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After months of lengthy negotiations with the likes of Amazon, Apple, Disney and other big streaming players, the NFL has finally chosen the new home for its vaunted Sunday Ticket package: YouTube.

Google broke the news Thursday morningspecifying that NFL Sunday Ticket will be available in two forms starting with the 2023 season: as an add-on for YouTube TV users and as a standalone package through YouTube Primetime channels.

Google hasn’t provided any details on how much it will charge for the NFL Sunday Ticket next season. Previously, DirecTV charged up to $300 for a full season of Sunday Ticket access.

Google has revealed that the basics of NFL Sunday Ticket won’t change once it hits YouTube. However, the package will only include off-market Sunday games televised by CBS and Fox during the regular season.

Basically, that no include NFL games on Sunday, Monday, or Thursday nights, which air on NBC, ESPN, and Amazon, respectively.

Google noted that it will announce “updated” Sunday Ticket “features and functionality” before the start of the 2023 NFL seasons.

DirecTV had held the rights to NFL Sunday Ticket since 1994, but its NFL contract for the package ends with the 2022 regular season. The NFL had made it clear that it wanted a streamer to take over Sunday Ticket, and the only question was which one.

For months, Apple was thought to be the favorite for Sunday Ticket, and there were even reports that it would seal the deal.

But in the last week, rumors have surfaced that Apple has abandoned the negotiations. Price was certainly a factor, but the NFL was also rumored to refuse Apple’s desire for the right offer Sunday popped up on ‘non-existent platforms’ including potentially augmented and virtual reality.

Around the same time, the news broke Google’s YouTube was suddenly the favorite for Sunday Ticket.