Emily Ratajkowski

“It’s my body”: Emily Ratajkowski explains with force on her belly which disturbs

“It’s my body”: Emily Ratajkowski explains with force on her belly which disturbs, She has been involved for years on the issue of the right of women to dispose of their bodies. Because the subject concerns her closely, the model has just made an update on the networks by posting a photo where she appears screaming abs.

Wednesday November, the American of 29 years old posted a photo of herself on Instagram. So far, everything is normal for the influencer with 24 millions of subscribers who became known for her participation in the clip Blurred Lines, by Robin Thicke (whom she accuses of assault sexual on this same shoot in his book My Body published in November) and his many naked selfies. But if Emily Ratajkowski has always assumed and continued to share her plastic, here, her tone changes.

With this image, her femininity appears less frontal and less uninhibited than usual. Dressed in a long low waist skirt and a crop top highlighting her famous ab crack (abs in the form of a ventral line starting from the chest to the navel), the model publishes a comment that looks like an act of resistance against the criticisms triggered by his appearance: ” I almost didn’t post this photo because I know the controversy it will spark, but it’s my body and I’m not going to be guided by shame! ”

Strength is to note that Emily Ratajkowski was not wrong. Among the thousands of comments left under the post, hundreds relate to that inconvenient belly. “Am I the only one here who thinks that she doesn’t look healthy?” “He scares his body” “You went too far …” “Do you have a stomach?” “Can someone give this woman some bread?”, We can read in particular.

To listen to: the podcast of the editorial staff Belly pilloried Erected by some social media users as the ultimate muscular and sexy performance, ab crack is also maligned for the extreme injunction slimming that it conveys. Some would say that it’s Emrata’s fault: she made it her business and a beauty criterion that triggered a whole bunch of crazy aesthetic challenges on social networks. It remains for those who castigate her body, who elevate it as a symbol of oppression of the feminine appearance, Emily Ratajkowski responds.

video, Emily Ratajkowski, from modeling to feminism For her, the injunction and the tyranny of the image have changed sides. And gives rise to a debate around a burning question: is the right to exhibit one’s body, to enjoy it as we see fit, threatened by a new standard of the acceptable? Because if publicly mocking generous curves is no longer an option, the model recalls that a body deemed too “perfect” is easily pilloried. Subject to controversy, her belly is particularly the expense since her childbirth. Before that, he was cringe because he was the symbol of an alienating beauty playing the game of patriarchy. Having become fertile, his cleft and his muscles have suddenly become antithetical to the appearance and the maternal role expected of him. And in the end, the influencer belly turns into a fighter for image rights, against and against the norm.