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It was revealed what the billionaire Peugeot family is investing in

This week, the holding company managing the assets of the Peugeot family, Etablissements Peugeot Freres, changed its leader for the first time in almost two decades. We reported this news in more detail here:

The earnings report of Peugeot Invest, the family’s investment company, was published on Friday. Bloomberg found many interesting things in the document. This shows, among other things, that the company led by Robert Peugeot is a owns 5.1% of the Rothschild investment bank, after its delisting has been completed.

Peugeot Invest invested alongside the Rothschild family

  • the Gruppo Florence SpA to an Italian company producing luxury goods called
  • the Parisian high-end To Hotel California,
  • the Nomios to a cyber security company registered as
  • and the Doctrine also in the legal search engine.

Peugeot Invest is 80% owned by Etablissements Peugeot Freres. According to the report the company’s net asset value rose to 5.5 billion euros in the first half of the year from 5 billion at the end of last year. The family’s investments seem to have paid off:

according to the document, the Peugeot family realized a return of 12.4% in the first half of 2023,

this includes higher dividends and depreciation of real estate investments.

Peugeot Invest has so far risen by 0.2% on the Paris stock exchange compared to the previous day’s close, which cannot be considered a big move.

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