“It was as if the whole world was dying”: Prince William confides in the depressive episode he went through

“It was as if the whole world was dying”: Prince William confides in the depressive episode he went through, The Duke of Cambridge spoke in the podcast “Prince William: Time to Walk” about the trauma he experienced while working for an air ambulance service, and the consequences of this incident on his mental health .

“Something had changed in me,” he said. The Duke of Cambridge has indeed given himself to rare confidences, in the podcast ” Prince William : Time to Walk”, on the depressive episode he went through several years ago . This exchange, recorded as part of an Apple Fitness + series that promotes the practice of walking for better mental and physical health, will be posted on Monday, December 6. The heir to the British throne, on the verge of tears, recalls the trauma he experienced when he was a helicopter pilot, during one of his 999 interventions for an air ambulance service. The incident in question would have occurred in 2017 , if we believe the Daily Mail .

“I still remember the ‘team I worked with, he recounts. It was made up of some of my best friends (…). The call we received was very brief, not very detailed. We expected a slight injury. ” Kate Middleton’s husband is still unaware that he is about to rescue a baby boy – Bobby Hughes, 5, according to the English daily – victim of a serious accident. “It immediately became apparent that this young person was in difficulty, because she had unfortunately been hit by a car,” continues Prince William. And of course, there are things you don’t really want to see. All we cared about at the time was taking care of this boy. ”

On video,“ The BBC interview has worsened the relationship between my parents “: the anger of Prince William ” We feel the pain of everyone ” The father of princes George and Louis, as well as Princess Charlotte, also remembers the child’s family that he rescued. “The parents were hysterical … he explains. They were screaming, they were crying, they didn’t know what to do, and they were also in pain. These images have not left me. ” The paramedics finally manage to save the little boy, who nevertheless suffers from brain damage. An experience that will impact Prince William a lot – to the point of affecting his mental health. That night, the Duke of Cambridge returned home “upset”. “I wasn’t in tears, but deep down inside I felt something had changed,” he says. I was feeling real tension. ”

The real backlash came a few weeks later. “It was as if someone had put a key in the lock of a door, and opened it without my giving him permission,” he analyzes. I felt like the whole world was dying. ” Prince Harry’s older brother then sank into an abyss of sadness. “It’s a special feeling,” he says. We feel everyone’s pain and suffering. ” Before adding: “Everything was going well in my personal life. I was happy at home and at work, but I kept asking myself, “Why do I feel so sad?” Then I realized that people’s trauma, their sadness, followed me home, and that affected me. ”

To listen to: the editorial podcast “The Best” The Duke of Cambridge finally manages to put words on his pain, thanks to a member of the air ambulance service. But the real source of his recovery would be none other than an exchange with the family of Bobby Hughes. “It really helped me, because … it still moves me so much,” he pauses, his throat tight. They walked in and said, “Thank you,” then, “Here he is. He’s fine.” It still affects me today. ” Before concluding: “But I think as a human being, when you see someone on the verge of death, you can’t help but be affected by it.” An episode that the son of Prince Charles will eventually overcome.

In addition to this incident, the Duke of Cambridge addresses a number of lighter subjects. It thus evokes the frenzied dances of Princess Charlotte, to the tunes of Waka Waka , the song of Shakira. Or the helicopter trips he made alongside Prince Charles, when he was a child, and his car rides with his mother Diana, during which they sang together The Best , the title of Tina Turner. A podcast in which Prince William even mentions his brother Harry’s name on three occasions, despite their alleged falling out.