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It turned out: Ukrainian soldiers fighting at the front receive a monthly salary of HUF one million

“A soldier who serves the country and risks his own life and health to protect it from an aggressor, performing his task under extremely difficult conditions, must be highly motivated,” the Ukrainian General Staff said in a statement.

The provision of 100,000 hryvnias is “reserved for those defenders who serve directly at the front”.

Those soldiers who perform tasks in the combat zone but do not directly participate in combat actions, as well as those who serve in the air defense forces, will receive 30,000 hryvnias (280,000 forints). Those serving in the hinterland do not receive front-line allowances.

According to the information, the amount of the basic allowance was increased to about 20 thousand hryvnias (186 thousand forints) from the beginning of February.

According to the Ukrainian General Staff, Ukrainian soldiers are paid fairly, so “there is no salary tension compared to other Ukrainian citizens, and thus the respect of the soldiers who risk their lives and health is fulfilled.”

According to official data, the basic allowance of Russian soldiers is 37,000 rubles (156,000 forints), to which 158,000 rubles (667,000 forints) is added.