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It can be a serious problem in the summer in Europe’s popular resort

The amount of water currently stored in the 317 reservoirs of the southern European country it is about 23 percent below the usual average of the last ten years at this time.

Aem called the first two weeks of April “extremely dry”, while reported that March was the second warmest and least rainy in this century.

Drier than normal weather also characterizes this year’s hydrological year, calculated from the first of October last year: 21 percent less precipitation fell in six and a half months. In some southern areas, such as Murcia, this rate exceeded 25 percent.

According to the meteorological service, some rain is expected in the country in the last week of April, but it is not very optimistic in the longer term, because the forecasts now show a warmer than usual summer.

The Ministry of Agriculture convened a meeting on Wednesday to analyze the problems caused by the drought and the solutions.

The Andalusian provincial government announced: they plan to adopt a package of extraordinary measures against drought EUR 163 million, of which EUR 40 million would support the agricultural sector.

The cover image is an illustration, source: Getty Images