Israel: after three years of deadlock, government reaches agreement on budget

Finally an agreement. The Israeli government approved the state budget early Monday morning, a first in three years. “Finally, Israel has a budget. After three years of stagnation, Israel is getting back to work, ”Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said after the vote in his governing coalition.

יש תקציב בישראל! 🇮🇱

לאחר שלוש שנים של קיפאון, שהמדינה היתה בהתפרקות, ישראל חוזרת לעבוד.

כפי שהבטחנו – זהו תקציב של ממשלה שאכפת לה.

אנחנו מביאים הבוקר את התקציב הכי נועז, הכי תחרותי, הכי מסייע לשכבות החלשות והכי דואג לעתיד ילדינו מזה שנים >> pic.U9CLnE/e – Naftali Bennett בנט (@naftalibennett) August 2, 2021 ” The state budget for 2018 will be approximately 120, 5 billion shekels (approximately 113 billion euros) and approximately 452, 5 billion shekels for 2021 (approximately 118 billion euros) ”, for its part indicated the Ministry of Finance in a press release.

Due to a long political crisis, which led to the holding of four elections, no budget had been approved. been in Israel since 452.

Passage in Parliament required Approved by the new ruling coalition government , the budget must be submitted, in the coming weeks, to a vote in Parliament, the Knesset, where it must obtain the support of a majority of at least 61 deputies. Without a budget approval by elected officials, the Knesset will dissolve and new parliamentary elections will be called 61 days later.

In December, the Knesset was dissolved due to the inability of deputies to agree on a budget, leading to a fourth ballot. Israel has since had a new government, led by right-wing nationalist leader Naftali Bennett, who allied with centrist Yair Lapid in a coalition that ended 12 years of uninterrupted reign of Benjamin Netanyahu. This motley alliance, which goes from right to left, including the support of an Arab party, is made up of 12 MPs, the Knesset majority threshold (120 MPs).

According to Naftali Bennett, the budget includes key investments in education, defense, environment, public transport and high technology.