Isee pre-compiled 2022, how it works: pay attention to these data – RB

Isee precompiled 2022, how it works: pay attention to these data – RB

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Isee pre-filled 2022, how it works: pay attention to these data – RB

Isee precompiled 2022, how it works: pay attention to these data – RB We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Precompiled isee 2022, how it works: pay attention to these data – RB Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Pre-filled Isee 2022, how it works: pay attention to these data – RB

Also this year it is possible to submit the declaration Isee in the mode pre-filled , which exists since 2020. The Isee is necessary for obtaining many bonuses and for calculating some taxes. The single self-declaration, or DSU, contains data self-declared by the citizen and other pre-filled data that are provided by the Revenue Agency and INPS. This is a particularly advantageous procedure for the shorter times compared to those of patronage. Furthermore, the citizen is not required to search for documentation relating to assets and income.

To access the “Isee precompiled” page on the INPS site, this year it is necessary to have Spid , electronic identity card or national services card . These are the only ways in which it is possible to use the Institute’s telematic services.

Isee precompiled 2022: which data do not need to be entered in the INPS online form

The pre-filled data are the following.

The rent of the dwelling house. The movable assets. Real estate assets. Income for personal income tax purposes. The treatments provided by the INPS exempt for Irpef purposes. Citizen can confirm or modify the data already pre-filled, and the certification is released in real time. Two steps are still required for the pre-filled ISEE.

Precompiled ISEE: what information is needed for the single self-certification

In the first phase, the citizen must self-declare the following information:

The composition of the family unit. The data not available in the administrative archives contained in the basic models, such as the dwelling house. The elements of feedback and the proxy for each adult component, in order to guarantee the right to data privacy. With the single substitute declaration, INPS sends the requests from family members and the relative feedback to the Revenue Agency . The tax authorities check them, and if the outcome is positive, it returns the data to the INPS to pre-fill the Dsu.

At this point the INPS communicates to the user with an email and with a sms the processing of the single substitute declaration has been completed and the second phase is started.

The citizen must thus re-enter the pre-filled ISEE system to verify the status of the DSU.

If this has been processed, it is necessary to accept or modify the pre-filled data and indicate any data further in the specific sheet. If it is suspended, it is necessary to send the data again that are incorrect and wait for the new processing.

Isee pre-filled 2022: pay attention to the elements of confirmation and the delegation

This step could be the most complicated one. For the correct compilation of the application it is necessary to identify for each adult member of the family unit, excluding the declarant, the presentation of a tax return in the previous year.

If you did not submit a tax return, and therefore in the presence of the single certification only, it is necessary to cross the option “Absence of declaration”. If you have submitted the model 730 you must indicate the amount, preceded by the plus or minus sign, displayed in the line “Difference”, if present. Otherwise it is necessary to indicate 0. indicate the amount shown in the line “Difference” of part RN. Also in this case if it is not present, it is necessary to indicate 0. We have explained to you here what risks those who do not submit the tax return.

It is also necessary to indicate whether the assets movable owned on 31 December two years earlier (in this case of 2020) was lower or higher than 10 thousand $.

Finally, for the self-declaration it is necessary to have the proxy of each adult member, the number of the health card and the date expiry date of the document.

For more information, the INPS website provides guides with video tutorial , in the section “Isee precompiled “Under the heading” How to “.

We have explained here how to access Inps services without having the Spid. You can also check out our Isee declaration guide here.