Is the Green pass mandatory to obtain citizenship income? – RB

Is the Green pass compulsory to obtain citizenship income? – RB

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Is the Green pass compulsory to obtain citizenship income? – RB

Is the Green pass compulsory to obtain citizenship income? – RB We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Is the Green pass mandatory to obtain citizenship income? – RB Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Is the Green pass mandatory to obtain citizenship income? – RB

The news is going around the web for which without Green pass you will no longer be entitled to citizenship income . Many have thought, reading the titles of the articles, of introducing a further government tightening on anti-Covid measures or extending the obligation to have green certification, now limited to workers, both in the public sector and in the private sector, also to “potential” workers who benefit from the State subsidy.

In reality, this is not the case, and there is no rule according to which those who receive the citizenship income are required to have the Green pass. Even if it will actually be necessary to be vaccinated, recovered from Covid or have undergone a swab with negative results to receive the economic aid starting from 1 February 2022 . Let’s see why.

Why the requirements for obtaining citizenship income have changed

The measure of citizenship income, strongly desired by the 5 Star Movement, was designed to support people in difficulty, helping them to train and find an occupation , integrating family income and combating poverty and inequalities.

Part of these promises has been disregarded in practice, and in particular a real and systematic meeting between supply and demand in the labor market has failed . For this reason the requirements for receiving the subsidy have changed, and stricter rules are now envisaged that require an effective search for employment.

What changes to obtain the citizenship income in 2022

The budget law 2022 introduced important changes to obtain citizenship income, which envisage new parameters and tight controls relating in particular to the group of people who are immediately available to work and to join a personalized path to accompany them to work placement and social inclusion.

These include the obligation to periodically participate in activities and interviews in presence at the centers of employment . Employees, therefore, must necessarily present themselves once a month in the former employment offices, and here there could be a obstacle for those who do not have the basic Green pass.

Where the Green pass is mandatory starting from February 1st 2022

The law decree n. 1 of 7 January 2022 provides for the obligation to show the Green pass also in public offices , postal services, banking and financial services “and for “Commercial activities, except for those necessary to ensure the satisfaction of essential and primary needs of the person”.

A new decree is expected in these days containing the specific list of shops and public offices for which this measure is valid, and above all of the exceptions . Based on what has emerged so far, it will be possible to access supermarkets, pharmacies, newsstands and tobacconists’ stores even without a Green Pass, but some municipal offices and health services related offices could also be excluded, by way of example.

Mandatory green pass for citizenship income? Let’s be clear

Will it therefore be necessary to show the Green pass to access the employment centers? As far as we know today, and pending the new decree, yes . Therefore, citizenship income receptors who can work and want to continue receiving the subsidy will be obliged to at least perform a swab per month or undergo the Covid vaccine from February 1st.

Nothing changes for the beneficiaries of the citizenship pension, the pensioners of citizenship income who are retired or aged 65 years or older, those with disabilities incompatible with the looking for a job .

But beware . All beneficiaries of the subsidy must go to the Post Office to collect the citizenship income card, with the relative pin code for be able to use it. And access to post offices, as already mentioned, is granted from 1 February only to those who have the Green pass. So at least in that case we know for sure that it will be necessary to prove that you have the green certification.

In short, as anticipated here, the Green pass will be needed for citizenship income. Instead, we have reported here all the new requirements for the Rdc and here all the payment dates for January.