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Is offense the best defense? – The information chaos surrounding the Ukrainian counterattack is complete

Maljar wrote that at Bahmut the Ukrainian forces are advancing on a “wide front” and are succeeding.

We will continue the defense that we started on February 24, 2022. Counterattacks are also a part of the defensive operation, so in certain areas we switch to offensive actions. Bahmut and its surroundings are still at the epicenter of hostilities. There, we advance on a fairly broad front and achieve success, occupying important heights. The enemy defends

explained the deputy minister.

According to Maljar, exactly

due to the defeat suffered in the outskirts of Bahmut, the Russians spread in the media that the Ukrainian counter-offensive had begun.

He added that local battles continue in the southern regions of Ukraine.

Previously, Maljar made a video sharedon which it was read, referring to the counterattack:

Plans love silence. The start will not be announced.

There are many signs that the expected big Ukrainian counterattack has already started, but Ukraine is conspicuously silent, so you can get information mostly from Russian channels. However, their authenticity is often questionable.

THE CNN according to his report, the Russian Ministry of Defense claimed that 250 Ukrainian soldiers were killed and several armored vehicles were destroyed when Ukraine launched an attack against them in the Donetsk region.

A Ukrainian military spokesman, however, said he had “no information” about an alleged “large-scale offensive” in Donetsk.

Cover photo: Yevhenii Zavhorodnii/Global Images Ukraine via Getty Images