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Is it possible to recover deleted photos on WhatsApp?

Deleted photos on WhatsApp
WhatsApp is the need for a deleted photo again.There is a simple and fast way to recover photos you've destroyed or deleted on WhatsApp for any!

Undoubtedly, one of the most important problems we can face in WhatsApp is the need for a deleted photo again.

There is a simple and fast way to recover photos you’ve destroyed or deleted on WhatsApp for any reason. As you can imagine, the first way we can retrieve photos is to ask the sender back, because what we do next is a bit of a challenge, and if you don’t have application knowledge, it can be a bit confusing. You may be one of those who give up on the start.


BACKUP PROCESS If you just delete the photo you deleted in person or group conversations from me, the photo is not deleted for the other party.

If you cannot get the photo in any way, we recommend you to use the backup feature. The backup feature is valid for all Android and iOS operating systems.

Even if you delete the photo, when you say restore backup, you will have the deleted photos back. If the WhatsApp backup feature is not activated, the photo will not come back even if you ask to restore backups after the photo is deleted.


The WhatsApp folder screening feature is not available for devices running iOS operating system. This feature is only valid for devices with Android operating systems.

All photos sent and received in the app are saved in this folder. Pictures may remain in the folder even if the picture is deleted. To find the WhatsApp folder, from the files section; You can follow the path of media, WhatsAppimages. The photos sent are located in the sent folder. You can get your photos back from here.


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