There is nothing easier than going from brown to red or from blonde to brunette with a simple coloring. But do you know if these changes have consequences for your hair? We analyze it.

To answer this question, the first step is to perform a capillary diagnosis. Is it harmful to hair to change color? The more attention you pay to your hair, the less abrasive the dye will be because you will know how to choose the one that best suits you.

Is your hair healthy? Permanent colorings are made for you

Is it harmful to hair to change color

Permanent colorings are based on a chemical reaction called oxidation, which opens the capillary scales to dye them the desired color. As you can see, this method is not anodyne at all, so it is only suitable for those with very good hair. In fact, they are the only ones that can cope with such a change without damaging matter. Of course, you should use other very nutritious cares and adopt a special routine for dyed hair.

Is your hair damaged? You must use colorations without ammonia

Is it harmful to hair to change color

In this case, the permanent colors will be too abrasive so it is better to forget about them. You should bet on other softer techniques such as Gloss that plays with reflections, or colorations of plant origin. Although the latter do not allow to lighten the hair, they respect the hair fiber because they do not contain ammonia. But you should not stop pampering your hair with care especially indicated for colored hair.

As you may have already noticed, changing color is not totally harmful to hair as long as you choose the technique that best suits its nature. In addition, you will have to use specific products, such as those from the Color Therapy range by Jean Louis David.

Is it harmful to hair to change color?

Hair dye can definitely dry out your hair, but it can also cause your hair to become brittle and break if you overdo it on chemical processes. To keep your hair from becoming too dry and breaking off, you should condition regularly, and use a deep conditioning mask before and after coloring.

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