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Is Biden in trouble? Very ugly numbers have arrived

Based on the public opinion poll released on Friday, 73 percent of society as a whole would not like to see the incumbent president as the candidate of the Democratic Party in 2024.

Among the party’s voters, 52 percent reject the president’s candidacy, while 86 percent of voters who call themselves independent said so.

93 percent of registered voters of the opposition Republican Party do not want Joe Biden to be the Democratic candidate in 2024.

The poll also shows that if Joe Biden becomes the candidate, 41 percent of Democratic voters say they are certain and 40 percent likely to support the incumbent president, while 19 percent now say they would definitely not vote for the Democrats if Joe Biden his name would appear on the ballot.

The incumbent has not yet officially announced that he is running for re-election.

but he has repeatedly indicated that this is his intention, and most recently said he was looking for the right time to make the announcement. According to some press reports, he may do so next Tuesday.

According to AP-NORC’s April survey, 42 percent of American voters approve of Joe Biden’s presidential activities, which represents a slight improvement compared to March of this year, but is still well below the highest value, 63 percent measured in April 2021.

Cover image credit: Drew Angerer/Getty Images