The Solution Method we found for the iPhone Failed to Update, Generate an Unknown Error 4000 Error will be helpful. Eliminate the problem completely in this way. We searched for solutions for the 4000 Error encountered while restoring devices such as iPhone and iTunes. Recently, iPhone Could Not Update An Unknown Error Has Occurred Since there are no updated solutions for the error like 4000, we wanted to prepare a content.

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iTunes is giving you error 4000 while updating your phone to the latest iOS 14? This video shows you how to fix it and successfully install iOS 14 update on your device without losing any data. 

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Phone Failed to Update An Unknown Error Has Occurred Error 4000 is a type of error that users encounter while restoring or updating. Where and how you get this error matters a lot. Since some iPhone users who get the error may have hardware problems, you need to explain the reason for getting the error first.

How to Fix Error 4000

  1. Turn Auto-Lock Off.
  2. Turn Passcode Off.
  3. Update iPhone using ReiBoot Pro.

As a comment below, write the reason for getting the error “iPhone Failed to Update An Unknown Error 4000”. We will write you the methods to solve your problem, considering the reason for receiving the error. Since not every method works for every user, we will directly tell you the methods that will solve your problem. For this, you need to write to us on which device, what you do and how you got this error. iPhone Failed to Update An Unknown Error Occurred Our investigations on 4000 will continue.

How to Fix Error 4000 Details

Detail #1

The latest iOS 14 update has been released for a while, while trying to install it on my device through iTunes, everything seems to work perfectly from the start, until a message pops up saying: “iPhone could not be updated. An unknown error occurred (4000).” It happens every time. I also couldn’t find this error code on apple support page.

Detail #2

Fortunately, after some research, I have found the fix for this, and finally updated my phone to the iOS 14. Here i’d like to share the whole process with you guys. Let’s jump in! The first thing to do is turn off the Auto-Lock on your device, you can find it in Settings – Display and Brightness, Then set the Auto-Lock to “Never”, so your phone won’t dim the display and lock it up automatically, To make sure this works at 100%, I highly recommend you also to turn the passcode off during the update. To do this, head to the Face Id & Passcode option, then tap Turn Passcode Off.

Detail #3

After all these are set up, get back to iTunes, and run the update from scratch. If iTunes is still giving you errors, or you are having other issues updating your phone, here is an alternative you might be interested in: Update iPhone using ReiBoot, you’ll find the link in the description below if you’d like to download. So make sure your device is still connected, then go to Repair Operating System section, then Fix Now.

Detail #4

In this step you’ll get the latest iOS firmware for the device, just click on the Download button, Once downloaded, you can start the repair. A progress bar will reflect the entire process. [Music] Well done, it’s saying the update has completed. Let’s get back to the phone and check it out. So there it is, the software version is now the latest one. You can add widgets to the home screen if you like, and enjoy all the other new features. The repair feature requires a license for ReiBoot, here are all the plans for you: That’s it. Thanks for reading. See you in the next article.