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iPhone 12 Pro Max screen features become clear

New details about the iPhone 12 models, which are expected to be announced by Apple in October, continue to emerge. Now, new claims have emerged about the iPhone 12 Pro Max screen details. The new claims are in line with the features that emerged during the iOS 14 beta process.

iPhone 12 Pro Max will be 120Hz between screen details

iPhone 12 Pro Max screen 2

First of all, with iOS 14 beta 5 , a remarkable feature appeared in the iPhone 11 Pro model. Limit Frame Rate, ie limiting the screen refresh rate, has been interpreted as Apple is preparing to increase the screen refresh rate in new iPhone 12 models.

iPhone 12 pro max settings

Now , new statements were made on Twitter by Jon Prosser, who came to the fore with important leaks about Apple . According to the claims by Jon Prosser, among the iPhone 12 Pro Max display features , there will be the ProMotion feature. Previously, new information about ProMotion , Apple’s feature that will offer a high screen refresh rate, has emerged. However, it was stated that it would not catch up with the iPhone 12 models.

As a matter of fact, it was previously said by Jon Prosser that the ProMotion feature will not be on the iPhone 12. Now , it is on the agenda that the 120Hz refresh rate will be among the features of the iPhone 12 Pro Max .

It seems that Apple , like Samsung , is preparing a way of using the limitation of the screen refresh rate to the preference of users. As a matter of fact, the settings option in the new iOS version also reveals such a result. For now, it is not clear whether it will be used only on all iPhone models or only on the Pro Max model. New information will continue to emerge on this subject until October 2020.